All You Need To Know About Lash Extensions

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One treatment that many women are afraid to go for since they don’t know all its perks have got to be lash extensions.

This beauty procedure is quite inexpensive and is mostly worn by brides to be.

However, if you are thinking about getting a luscious set but you are not a bride to be, who is there to stop you from getting them? We will tell you all about the upkeep, the process of application, as well as their lifespan – you are going to enjoy this article! Here, we will answer some of the most asked questions regarding lashes, just keep on reading!

Top 7 Most-Asked Question

Q: What is the application process like?

A: The application is actually super easy and a lot less complicated than you’d think. It usually takes around 1-2 hours and is done at a sterile salon. Make sure your lash expert has a degree and do your research before committing to one salon in particular.

Also, make sure you come barefaced since this will make the application process a lot more simple for your aesthetician.

You will lay down on a table for 2 hours, so make yourself comfortable, and keep your eyes shut during the whole process. In case you fail, you may end up with some glue in your eye, which can irritate and burn you.

Besides this, there are no downsides or possible complications.

Q: Can everyone get lash extensions?

A: Yes! Lash extensions are appropriate for any woman at the age of 16 and above (in most countries). This trend is also recommended no matter your eye shape, your current lash count, or your lash thickness.

However, it may not be the best choice for women who have super sensitive or watery eyes, or those who are allergic to the substance.

You could be allergic to the lash glue, or the material of your faux mink or synthetic lashes (this is less likely). However, make sure you are well aware of your allergies before booking your appointment.

Q: Are they expensive?

A: Not quite. You can expect lash extensions to be around $50-100. This depends on the place of your living, as well as the reputation of your lash expert. Most of the times you will have to go and get the refill once they shed and fall out.

These refills are mandatory if you want to keep your lashes in place and intact. You will have to refill them around week 2-3, but your next price will be 50% less than the initial one. This is because your lash expert will use a lot less material than they did the first time.

Q: Are they high or low-maintenance?

A: Lash extensions are low-maintenance, plus they are great at saving you time when getting ready in the morning.

All you have to is comb them through with your spoolie, or a clean brow brush. After you brush them through you won’t even need to apply any mascara on top. Lash extensions are study, pitch-black, and voluminous on their own. After the end of the day you should remove your makeup with a non-alcohol and oil-free makeup remover since this kind is the best for your lash extensions.

Q: Should I remove them on my own?

A: No, this is never a good idea. You can easily ruin and rip out your natural eyelash by playing with your extensions. Although those little tiny gaps can look unflattering, you should resist the urge to cut them or tug. 

Once the gap starts to bother you get the refill. You can also remove them completely at the salon if you really end up hating them. This is not expensive, and it will take only 30 minutes of your time.

Q: Is there only one specific style?

A: No, there are several different styles for you to choose from. This also depends a lot on your preferred volume. You can go for voluminous and dramatic – aka Russian volume. Or you can play it safe and go for a natural infill. Both of these can be turned into a doll eye, cat eye, almond exotic eye, etc. However, we recommend asking your lash aesthetician what will look the best on you and going for that lash type.

They can easily combine your wishes with what they believe is ideal for your eye shape.

Q: Can I shower while having them on?

A: Yes, and you can do a whole lot more! In fact, lash extensions are heatproof, water-resistant, and sweat-proof. They are really thick, high-quality, and they can survive many extreme conditions. 

You can swim with them in the ocean, enjoy your tanning sessions, and you can easily work out in the gym! They won’t fail you at any given point and will act as a great confidence booster.


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