Beauty That’s Not Fleeting: Permanent Beauty Boosts For Everybody To Consider Beauty That’s Not Fleeting: Permanent Beauty Boosts For Everybody To Consider

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Most of us are used to wiping off our makeup at the end of the day. In fact, for many that end of day cleansing and toning ritual is not only essential but part of our getting ready for bed routine. Of course, not all the things we do to beautiful ourselves are the kind that only lasts for a single day. In fact, there are some things you can do to boost your beauty that last considerably longer. Read on to find out what they are. 

Makeup tattoo

Imagine always having lipstick, eyeliner, or your brows done. Whether you are in the pool or you have just got out of bed. Well, that is precisely what those that get makeup tattoos can expect. In fact, some providers are offering tattoo concealer and contouring now as well, which means you can just about have a full face of makeup at all times. 

Additionally, there is a particular trend at the moment for a type of beauty tattoo called microblading, which focuses on drawing in individual eyebrow hairs. Something boosted by the fashion for well-defined brows that has developed over the past few years. 

Such treatments tend to last anything from 5-10 years as well, making them pretty permanent. Although, as with any type of tattoo procedure, you can expect some discomfort that the time of application, something that may put many people off.

Cosmetic procedures 

It is also becoming more and more popular to have cosmetic procedures that enhance individual beauty done as well. In fact, these are one of the most permanent options out there because once a procedure is done, the body rarely ever reverts back to the way that it was. 

There is a vast range of surgeries to choose from as well, including facelifts, nose jobs, tummy tucks, and breast augmentations. Although, deciding to go ahead with such a procedure should never be a decision made lightly. 

In fact, it is always best to watch things like these cosmetic surgery videos to research what is involved in such procedures before you decide to go ahead. It’s even worth finding out what the recovery process will be like before you make your decision too, just to be sure that you are fully informed. 

Laser hair removal 

If you were to add up all the hours of your life, how many would be spent shaving, waxing, epilating, and sugaring unwanted hair? Probably too many, and that is why many people are turning to a more permanent solution for hair removal. 

Of course, what we are talking about here is laser treatment. A procedure that targets the root of the hair and burns it out, inhibiting regrowth. In fact, such treatment, if performed correctly, can be permanent because, after a few sessions, the hair no longer grows back. 

It’s not even painful either, although patients will have to experience that nasty burning hair smell while the laser is applied. Although that seems like a small price to pay for permanently and beautifully hair-free legs! 


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