DIY Tips to Make Your Backyard Look Incredible

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Have you ever dreamed of having a cozy, charming backyard but didn’t think you had enough space or budget to make it a reality? Why not do it yourself? There are many ways to transform your space into whatever you desire, perhaps a spot to get away from it all or maybe a place to entertain family and friends. 

Getting started is easy! Try to find inspiration by browsing magazines and the internet, consulting with friends, and wandering around craft and home improvement stores. Gather unused materials from your home that may be repurposed (old pots, furniture, cans, fabric, lights, tools, etc.). Think about colors, lighting, layout, and utility. Do you want to create a reading nook, entertain friends, or cultivate an herb garden? Are you working in a small space? For example, there is a shortage of living space in California, and since 2016, the state now allows single-family homeowners to have or construct accessory dwelling units (ADU) on their property. These ADU’s are contingent on meeting the requirements set forth for this type of housing and gaining appropriate approvals. Regulations are dictated by local governments which can set size and build requirements. These California ADU laws that allow for additional dwellings on a single property, can significantly decrease backyard space. If this pertains to you, there are plenty of options for even the smallest of spaces. 

Here are some tips to make turn your ideas into reality:

•Plan your space

It may be helpful to take some measurements and sketch your layout. Perhaps you picture a small comfy sofa made from old pallets and repurposed cushions with a coffee table surrounded by plants in old pots decorated with paint, broken tiles, or colored rope. An herb garden in stacked pots and some string lights may also be on your list. Perhaps you first need to create a patio out of wood or stone to use as your backyard palette. Think about whether you already have cover from an existing patio or need to add a gazebo to allow you to enjoy the outdoors despite the weather. Put your ideas and layout on paper to provide an initial guide for building your space

•Create your items

Each item in your space may become an individual DIY project. As you begin to create, take your time, gather your materials, create your items and add your personality to each. Think about how you will enjoy each item. For example, an herb garden may take some time to grow once seeds are planted in your stacked pots. Plant your herbs, incorporate into your space, and enjoy watching them grow from your comfy sofa in your new backyard.

•Build your incredible backyard

Finally, bring your DIY projects together and put together your new backyard. Final touches of creativity and personality can be added by using, throw pillows, accent item, candles and other materials you may have around the house or leftover from your DIY projects.

Now you are ready to enjoy your creation and have fun continuing to improve, add, and change your space as you come up with new DIY ideas. How about adding a fire pit made from old bricks or pavers? Painting a mural on the back of your fence? Creating oil lamps from old cans or bottles? Whether you have a large garden or a cozy nook, the do it yourself possibilities are endless!

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