Filling A Blank Wall

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Whether you are looking to spruce up your office, home or store this summer, one thing which can always make an impact is filling up a blank wall. Most of us will have a blank wall or two in our homes and offices and there are many ways that we can fill the space to make feel more exciting this year. Today we will be taking a look at some of the fun ways you can fill up a blank wall space to make your interior more exciting. 

Use slat-wall 

One of the ways you could fill up a blank looking wall is to use slat-wall for a modern and contemporary effect. You can easily find affordable slatwall for sale in hardware stores and such and this can be a huge help for you if you want to create a unique feature in the home this year. Choose a wall which is central in your chosen room to create a stunning feature which will look unique. 

Use colorful baskets 

One of the fun things you could do to show off your home and make the walls more exciting is to hang colorful plant baskets on the wall or from the ceiling to create an indoor garden, In the kitchen this can look especially great because you can create a floating herb garden which will add some color and life to the room and allow you to mix flavors and color into your dishes. In the living room, it could be a floating display of succulents which adds a modern and contemporary feel to the home. 

Hang shelves

If you have a lot of ornaments and pictures that you want to display in the home, a good design choice would be to hang some shelves up high on the wall and display some of your favorite things. Just be sure to bear in mind that too many items on one shelf can make it look a little messy, so be sure to leave some blank space between to allow each piece to shine. 

Watercolor the wall 

One of the crazes in the last few years for your home is to step away from wallpaper with dense patterns and instead opt for something a little lighter and more classy. A great example of this is a watercolor wall which will cover the space with soft pigment and make your home feel like a real work of art. This in the bedroom or living room can elevate your home and add a touch of luxury to the design. 

Make a collage 

If you can never seem to decide on just one color scheme or piece of art for your wall, a fun option would be to buy around 15 different sized and colored picture frames and fill your wall with a unique collage. If you use command wall hanging strips you won’t need to nail a ton of holes into the wall and it will give your home a sense of character.

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