Flexing Those Creative Skills You Have: Some Of The Ways To Do It

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We all need a little downtime and an outlet, and often having a hobby can be a great way to do that. With work taking up a huge chunk of our lives and also trying to fit in seeing family and friends, not forgetting our well being and taking care of ourselves, hobbies can often be low on the priority list in terms of using out time effectively. But actually, they can help benefit us in other aspects of our lives, and it is always good to feel creative and fulfilled. 

However, we can often fail to realize that sometimes these hobbies that we embrace can actually be turned into jobs. Sometimes they can lead on to helping others, and take you in a whole different direction when it comes to your life. Being a creative can mean many things for people, and often creative outlets can come in different forms. With that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can begin to flex those creative skills that you have. 


If you enjoy writing, sharing your passions and even keeping a diary of some sort, then blogging could be the digital way to do that. Years ago, people weren’t sure about what blogging was but now it is available to the masses as more people can utilize online platforms to share their work. Some have even gone on to work with brands and even earn from their online blog, and it could even be a viable option as a career change. Some have then used their blogs to help share messages and even help people in similar situations or that share the same passions. It can be a very creative and uplifting hobby to have that can be so much more.

Create blog content for others

Did you know that you can create a career from creating blog content for other people? With such a demand for businesses to utilize things such as search engine optimization, sponsored articles and blog posts are extremely common. You may end up hosting some on your own blog, but you could also freelance yourself to create content for others. This is such a great way to write on a variety of different subjects and niches, and really help expand your creativity when it comes to the written word. There are many different options and avenues you can explore, so why not consider this as a side hustle that could even become your full time job in the future?

Creating videos or being creative through photography

Blogging can lead onto other hobbies as side outlets and that can be other ways to express yourself creatively. It could give you a newfound love for photography, for example. As you start to create blogs, you may want images to accompany the content that you create. Or perhaps photography is something as a way to flex your creativity. You may have a passion for capturing images of building or the countryside. Perhaps nature or animals ro focusing on portraits of the people that you love. 

You could also look at things such as creating videos. Not everyone wants to write, but creating a video or a moving image may be one of the best ways to help you be more creative. People have done this by creating YouTube videos and channels. Spreading the word of things they are passionate about, sharing experiences and tips and even capturing their day to day life to create their own little piece of reality TV. This may be something that you want to do, so why not pick up the camera and just start. 


A lot of people love music, and most commonly will enjoy listening to it, but what about starting a new hobby creating it? It is never too late to start learning an instrument and some of the common ones include things like guitars or pianos. You could try out lessons and pay for a teacher, or even follow online guides and even YouTube videos to get you started. It could be an easy way to find out if you enjoy it without a huge outlay in cost. 

Maybe you want to take it one step further and look at ways you can create music such as recording your very own stuff. Maybe you are a great at singing, or perhaps have a flair for things such as indie genre, for example. You can then consider things such as looking to upload music on different platforms. It might be an excellent way to help get your music seen and heard from other people, and could be the ideal way that you can finally get to a stage where you are sharing your creativity. Who knows where this could lead? Perhaps even a recording contract?

Developing websites

Creativity digitally isn’t just about writing articles sharing images or creating videos. There can be a lot of creativity in the behind the scenes side of things. Websites need to be developed, and they also need to be visually pleasing. Whether it is a business, a bog, a company advertising services or an online shop selling products. It takes website developers with creativity and an eye for detail to create visually stunning websites. After all, in a saturated market, it is important to keep the interest of potential clients and customers and this is when a website developer can really flex their creative skills. It can be something that you learn, ro teach yourself, and you can start by creating websites for your own needs and moving on from there. You may end up getting to the stage where you can freelance these skills. 

Social media content creation and accounts

If you like to be creative then social media is where it is at and it can be an easy way for you to flex those creative muscles. To start off with, if images are your thing, then Instagram is the ideal platform to share them. Whether you create images with quirky captions about your life and experiences, or whether you just like to focus on a subject or niche, it can be a great way to build a following. Social media management is also a very relevant job and career prospect right now, as businesses and individuals want to be seen online. If you have quick wit and feel like you can share your certainty then this could also be viable work option for you. 


Maybe your creative side is more in tune with things like drawing or painting. So many people enjoy how they can really get lost in the moment when painting a picture, capturing a portrait or scene or just sitting down comfortably and sketching. There are so many shops out there that sell decent and affordable art supplies meaning that this sort of hobby is really open to the masses. 

However, you could take it one step further and then want to showcase your artwork online. Creating social media for it or even having it displayed in local art galleries. Who knows, people may want to commission to create bespoke pieces for them. It could be a lovely way for you to get your artistic influence to be seen by others who could also appreciate the emotion and thoughts behind the art. 

Using your artistic skills and freelancing them out

You could take it one step further and look at using your artistic skills to help create images, logos and branding for individuals and businesses. This could be showcased online, and can also be a great way to help brand awareness for the person and business you have been hired from. Branding is very important these days, especially when it comes to online presence, so it can be the ideal way to focus in on your skills and help to create a career doing something that you love. 

Taking comedy to the next level

We have talked a lot about skills in terms of writing and creating something with your hands, but what about being creative with your quick wit in terms of comedy? There are many open mic evenings locally in pubs and other establishments that will enable you to showcase your wit and creativity through jokes and sharing experiences with a comedy value. Many people are good at this sort of thing, but lack the confidence to share the skill. But comedy can bring so much joy to people’s lives. 

Building something

Finally, maybe you like to create things with your own bare hands and with there being a huge trend for things like up-cycled furniture then you may want to consider building something. A new table, painting an old piece of furniture and bringing it back to life and even just creating something out of nothing. There are so many ideas for this and you can be as creative as you like. Pintrest is full of inspiration for this. 

Let’s hope that this has given you motivation to flex those creative skills in different ways.

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