Get Ready For Summer: Top Tips To Beat The Heat

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With the frosty winds of winter offering an eagerly awaited wave goodbye, your thoughts may be beginning to turn towards the ever increasing heat that’s soon to bake everything in sight. Staying cool and comfortable when the sun beats down during summer is becoming an increasingly tricky task thanks to global warming amongst other issues, so finding ways to avoid overheating is vital to your well being. Luckily, getting ready for summertime doesn’t have to be as laborious as you might think, and there are a few top tips that can help you enjoy the weather as much as possible!

Change Your Diet Accordingly 

Continuing to eat the same stodgy comfort foods that fueled you through the colder months is a bad idea. Although you may appreciate the internal warm hug that a heavy dish like a stew or pie offers, the feeling will not be deemed as a positive when you’re already struggling to keep your temperature down. Light meals like fresh salads and fish are a much more beneficial option, as they’re easier to digest and produce such as vegetables can even help you to cool off due to them containing a high percentage of water. For a delightfully refreshing snack, invest in some ice lolly moulds and fill them up with different diluted fruit juices and throw in some berries and put them in the freezer to set for a couple of hours until the liquid turns solid! With the different climate and conditions that summer brings and the effects these can have on your overall health, you may want to consider heading over to Hundred vitamins to check out some products that can help you to stay fit and well throughout.

Invest In A Summer Wardrobe 

The clothes that you wear can either help or hinder your quest to beat the heat. Long tight clothes such as skinny denim jeans or turtleneck jumpers are a big no-no for obvious reasons, but you can still find some materials such as linen that would allow you to cover up more without feeling trapped and sweaty. Cotton is generally a good choice as it’s a fabric that allows your skin to breathe somewhat, and lighter colors like white and cream work better when reflecting heat, whereas dark colors such as black and navy can feel as though they absorb it. Stick to vests and t shirts that flow freely around your body, and avoid wearing polyester or elastic underwear that can encourage temperatures to increase. Always wear some kind of protection when going out into direct sunlight, including sunglasses that block harmful UV light and a hat that’s able to shield your head, neck, and ears from the intense heat that could cause burning and peeling. 

Hopefully this guide can help you to avoid the heat this summer, and enjoy the sunshine in a responsible and healthy way. Change your diet to suit the weather by eating more fresh foods, and update your summer wardrobe so that you can wear the right clothes to keep cool.

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