How An Event Planning Business Can Save The Show

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Being in the event business ties you to so many other industries. You’re rubbing shoulders with some of the best acts in the music industry, you’re staging red carpet shows for a blockbuster movie or perhaps making a brilliant presentation platform for a CEO launching a new product for a multinational company. The needs of each industry and client are different from each other, so you’re already planning each event uniquely. But this then means that you have to be prepared for new demands and desires to be accommodated for. In other words, you have to prepare in advance for things you might not have in your inventory, make sudden changes to venues, make a different catering menu and perhaps provide more security for the client. The things that could alter your event in good and bad ways are countless. One could easily give up and see these challenges as being too unpredictable to cope with. However no successful  event planning business can just throw in the towel when the show hangs in the balance.

Last minute requests

The client might be just one person such as a musician or singer and, on the other hand, the client  could be a business with many different talking heads. Regardless of what anybody else wants, they come first. It doesn’t matter if the other businesses you’re working with such as the venue, caterer, private parking land, electricity provider, portable toilet vender etc, the client’s wishes come first. So, check in with your clients every so often to see what they want changed if anything at all. The sooner you know if their mood and needs have changed, the quicker you can react to them. Always pride yourself on being flexible and able to accommodate last minute requests. It could be that a popstar wants to have a massage before they go on stage to calm their nerves, you should immediately set about trying to get the best masseuse you can find and get them to the dressing room.

Always have a backup

Event planning is unlike any other line of work. You’re constantly working yourself towards the crescendo. A live performance of some kind that is built up over weeks and weeks through marketing, trying to pack out an arena and get the event to be sold out to then, giving the people what they want. It’s all about that one night when everyone gives it 100% and it goes smooth as butter. That’s what it’s all about. However, we’re all human and that means dealing with your own last minute changes too. If one of your crew gets sick and is unable to take up their role, they need to be swapped out for someone equally as talented. It need not be frantic, because the crew app is all about giving your more control over who you hire and in what role. You also get to work with some of the most skilled technicians in the business, so you’re not just hiring someone at random.

Saving the show involves many things but chief among them are being able to keep the client happy with any last minute demands. The same goes for having a fully stocked crew even when someone needs to be replaced quickly.

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