How Sports Lovers Should Experience Las Vegas

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Sports lovers visiting Las Vegas will want to visit a few key locations to really make their trip memorable. From the Vegas Motor Speedway to some great sports bars and memorabilia shops, Las Vegas has a lot to offer the sports lover in your life if you know where to look. Keep reading to learn more about the sports hangouts in Vegas, and where to go for your favorite memorabilia and sports events. 

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway 

About 15 miles North of the infamous Las Vegas Strip, there lies a sports treasure that every sports lover visiting Vegas needs to experience. The rev of race engines, the roar of the crowd, the gust of wind as the racers fly by; there’s simply no better experience for the sports lover in Vegas. 

This incredible speedway was first built in 1972 as a drag race strip and has since evolved into one of the top motor speedways in the country. NASCAR racing is a favorite event at this speedway, with some pretty impressive lap records set here by Kurt Busch, Greg Biffle, and more. 

The speedway actually includes seven different tracks: an indoor, one-mile road course, an outside road course with a maximum distance of 2.5 miles, “The Bullring”, a half-mile dirt track, a quarter-mile drag strip, the “Dream Racing Course”, and last, but not least, the off-road course. 

Such diversity in track length and purpose allows for dozens of events to be held here each year, from NASCAR racing to drag races and even the Baja 1000 race. One of the more unique experiences offered by the LVMS is the “Police Chase Las Vegas” package, which allows customers to participate in a police chase on one of the tracks. If you’ve ever wanted to get behind the lights and sirens, this is the way to (legally and safely) achieve that dream! 

Overall, the LVMS is one of the best sports experiences that Vegas has to offer. With seven separate tracks, dozens of events and other packages available, you’ll have no problem filling up your calendar with all of your favorite racing events. 

The Still Sports Bar 

After a long day at the track, what better way to wind down than by visiting a great sports bar to watch the game and kick back a few cold ones? The Still is a premier Las Vegas sports bar located on Las Vegas Blvd. 

Situated in the iconic Mirage hotel, this laid-back sports bar boasts a great drinks menu and some incredible service. With over 50 craft beers available, your thirst is sure to be met and your sports needs covered with an impressive display of over twenty TVs and 8,000 square feet of space. 

The bar itself is made out of a refurbished Airstream trailer for a one-of-a-kind setup that’s nothing like you’ve ever seen. Enjoy the game with a craft beer, good company, and a unique environment that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. 

Don’t forget about the food, though. With appetizers, tacos, mini cheeseburgers, and even prime strip steak, you can fill your belly and please your taste buds without emptying your wallet. 

Machine Guns Vegas 

Shooting for sport is one of America’s favorite activities, but what about shooting fully automatic machine guns? That’s a thrill any sports lover can get behind! At Machine Guns Vegas, you can choose from a variety of packages that contain several different firearms, each one full-spec and ready to shoot. 

You’ll, of course, be under the supervision of trained professionals since you’ve likely never fired a fully automatic weapon before. You can also choose the VIP room, which is for a more personalized experience at the firearms range. 

Blow off some steam or just get that incredible feeling of letting of rounds in rapid succession with Machine Guns Vegas. Everything is priced pretty well, so you won’t be spending thousands for this one of a kind experience. 

But wait, it gets better! For around $1,600 you can experience the true majesty of the range…from a helicopter. That’s right, the Door Gunner package includes up to three people, and allows you to fire from a helicopter in flight. First person shooters will never be the same once you experience it in real life! 

Tristar Memorabilia 

No sports-oriented trip would be complete without visiting a memorabilia shop. Tristar is one of the best-rated shops in Las Vegas, with autographed sports and celebrity memorabilia and a knowledgeable staff to help guide you to the perfect addition to your collection. 

With two locations in Vegas, you’ll be able to visit no matter where you’re staying in the city. The shop even includes several signing events throughout the year, with the most recent being singer/songwriter Elliot Smith. 

Whatever you’re looking for, the Tristar is sure to have it or can order it for you. With great service, plenty of variety, and two convenient locations, Tristar is a stop you won’t want to miss during your trip to Vegas. 




Impress the sports lover in your life or treat yourself to one of these sports destinations in Las Vegas. From the roar of the motor speedway to the rush of machinegun fire, Las Vegas has plenty to offer sports lovers. Don’t forget to stop at Tristar to pick up some of your favorite memorabilia before you leave! 


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