How to Improve Your Store’s Curb Appeal

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Improving your store’s curb appeal can bring people from near and far just to check it out. You can become a beacon on your street, an Instagram-destination, and a home-away-from-home for your customers. With the right design, you can be a huge success, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without risks. 

You need to consider which designs will bring you the most ROI, and then work on ensuring that the inside of your store, your customer service, and your product or service range are equally as inviting. Your curb appeal gets people in the door, but if you want them to buy from you and be loyal customers, you will need to up your game from all corners. 

For now, we’ll just focus on that crucial first step: improving your curb appeal. 


  • Sand it Down and Repaint 


If your trim or siding is starting to flake away, it’s time to invest in some hardcore TLC. This means sanding down the paint strips and then priming, painting, and sealing outdoor paint once again onto your property. This will give your store an instant facelift that it so dearly deserves. 

You can follow up on this step by renting out a power washer as well, which works wonders to clean walkways, brick, and other solid surfaces so that it is dirt and grime free and sparkling all around. 


  • Landscape and Clean it Up


Remove any weeds, reseal cracks, clean up your plant beds and once it’s all clean take a step back and work out what you can do to really make your store’s entrance pop with beauty. Add plant pots to either side of the door, for example, or start growing a rose bush up and around your door. Landscaping takes a lot of time and effort to grow into itself, but the result is a beautiful store that helps customers feel like they are entering a fairy tale – or at least an urban garden. 


  • Replace Old and Unexciting Signs 


Signs are necessary to help announce your store and to attract attention from pedestrians. The attention you attract, however, can either be positive or negative. If your sign is boring, old, cracking, or broken, it’s time to invest in custom illuminated signs to help attract new customers to your store day and night. 


  • Make Your Exterior Social


Another great way to improve your store’s curb appeal is to make is social. Add a table with a few chairs or benches so that people can take some time to rest. If you can, consider adding a small café to your store so that you can sell coffees, drinks, and small pastries. This will offer more revenue opportunities and help your store look busy all day long during the summer months. Busy stores attract more customers, as newcomers want to come in and check out what is so exciting that so many people are hanging around. 

In fact, making your entire store more social can do wonders for your brand and your community. If you are a boutique, for example, you could host local designers and organize launch parties once a month, or once a quarter. This will help support local talent and make you a great hotspot in the community.

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