How to Throw a Cannabis-themed Party?

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The key to throwing a successful cannabis-themed party is to focus on your guests’ delicate senses. Pay attention to the overall user’s experience and you will succeed.

Ambiance plays a vital role in a cohesive, relaxing get-together. Decorate your home with cannabis trimmings, provide a steady background beat, and cover the smell with candles with appropriate scents. And you and your homies will partake of delicious food infused with cannabis right in the comforts of your home.

Here are ways to keep your cannabis buddies pleased and content.

Weedy Invitations

Pass out invitations to be sure that there are no surprised faces from your guests. Craft your own marijuana memes for your cover to set the tone for the get-together. Your stoner friends will surely mark this date or pass the opportunity of getting high with fellow cannabis aficionados.

Cannabis Decorations

Don’t leave any stone unturned cover every space of your home in cannabis-themed adornments. Your guests will surely scream in excitement when they see the weed shaped wreaths dangling from the ceiling, weed tablecloths, green marijuana leaf balloons and glow in the dark pot leaves to get them ready to party. Art lovers will get a kick out of artificial marijuana wall art. If you are still not content, serve pot leaf edibles, chips with marijuana dip, or cannabis-infused drinks for the wow factor. 

Dress Code

To make the party memorable roll up the gig in style by requiring your guests to wear something that resembles cannabis. It could be a shirt designed with bongs, joints, or weed leaves for men. And for the ladies, they can wear colorful marijuana patterned dress topped with marijuana party beads.

Cannabis Games

Cannabis games will break the ice, everyone will get involved and get some laughs. A hit during cannabis-themed parties is the pub-style quiz. Teams can be pairs or boys versus girls, each side takes turns to answer cannabis-related questions like name that tune, guess the strain, or bring me. The winner gets to toke or take a hit on the bong and losers get to watch. With cannabis as the prize, there will be a spirit of competitiveness among the participants. In the end, you will find out more about your friends as you all get high.

Be the Perfect Host

Your guests will have varied preferences to get high; some would like to toke, some would like to ingest cannabis, and some would like to vape. Be the perfect host by providing the whims of your guests. This will be a chance to showcase what you have in your cannabis inventory visit your nearby weed shop for advice and purchase.


Whether you are a starter or a regular, smoking is the most popular method of consuming cannabis. There are numerous ways to smoke marijuana depending on the devices available such as the following:

  • Grinder
  • Papers
  • Bong
  • Bubbler
  • Bowl
  • Pipe

If you have extra cash pitch some grams of girl scout cookies, blue dream, or pink kush. 


Vaping is popular among the health-conscious weed enthusiast because of its convenience, trendy design, and efficiency. It is a cleaner way of consuming marijuana, tokers inhale vapor not smoke so coughing is less. You don’t need to bring paraphernalia like lighter, papers, and filters when you want a hit.

Vaporizers are a fantastic choice for indoor events credit this to the cloudless and nearly odorless vapor.


Everyone loves food spread your table with edibles concocting your own dish. Give your guests the best of both worlds getting high with THC and satisfying their palate too. Make them versatile and festive, shape them in eye-popping form to match the theme of your party. Here are some edibles infused with cannabis that won’t hurt your pocket.

  • Orange creamsicle creampop. The orange flavor is blended into the creamsicle, you won’t notice the THC until you get a euphoric high.
  • Watermelon tarts. It tastes like sour candy.
  • Pineapple delight bites. Fresh pineapple is mixed with mangoes, berries, nuts, and anything you can think of top this with coconut coating.
  • Beef jerky. Combine beef jerky with THC.
  • Chips. Dip your chips in salsa or any sauce mixture as long as there is THC.

Be sure to moderate dosage, you don’t want guests getting out of control.

Goodie Bag

There is no food on the table and guests are stoned and you want to play your guests one last time before the goodbyes. A goodie bag is truly gracious stuff this with lighters, paper, stickers, and a leaf from your home-grown weed.

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