Intimidated By Your New Wheels? These Reassuring Tips For New Car Owners Have Your Maintenance Covered

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While car ownership is becoming less popular with Millenials, there are still many young people out there who need a car for the lifestyle they want. Whether you need a car to go camping at weekends or you have to commute to work, owning a car as a new driver can be a pleasure if you know how to care for it well. If you’ve invested in a car for the first time, these tips will help you take care of your new baby. 

Do Some Light Reading

You don’t have to be a man to be averse to reading instructions. If you’ve just bought a car, it’s understandable if the excitement of taking her out on the road makes you put off peeling open that manual and getting to grips with the facts. The owner’s manual contains vital information about all of your vehicle’s specs and features, including features you didn’t know about, as well as specifications for oil type, brake fluid and maintenance guidelines. If you bought your car in a private sale the and manual is no longer available, you should be able to download one for free from the manufacturer’s website. 

Stay On Top of Tyres

Whether you buy your tyres online or from the shop, be sure to fit your vehicle with quality tyres and change them before they become unsafe. Always keep a spare tyre in the boot, and get an experienced car enthusiast to teach you how to change it so you don’t have to flag down strangers for help on the side of the highway. 

Checking and maintaining tyre pressure is a routine maintenance procedure that many new car owners forget about. If your tyres are not properly inflated, you risk increased wear-and-tear, poor vehicle handling, and you could even waste fuel. To get you into the habit, set reminders on your phone to check your tyre pressure once a month. You should also check your tyres before embarking on a long road trip, to make sure your car is fully prepared for the journey.

But how hard or soft should your tyres be? Never fear: you don’t have to suck the perfect tyre pressure out of thin air. If you open the driver’s door, you will usually find the suggested pressure written on a placard against the door. If not, try the cubbyhole or inside the little door that hides the fuel tank. You can check your pressure at any fuel station but if you want to be a real pro, you can purchase a tyre pressure gauge to keep in the boot. 

Replace Your Wipers

Your windshield wipers will perish after enough exposure to the elements. To ensure that you’re always driving safely, you’d do well to replace your wipers before they start to leave streaks across your windshield. Replacing them before the situation becomes urgent means you’ll avoid the nasty scratches that the metal part of the wiper can inflict on your windscreen if the rubber comes off unexpectedly. 

Whether you’ve always dreamed of owning a car, or you just need a vehicle to get you from A to B, looking after your vehicle will help you get the most out of it. These tips will help you get to grips with what you need to do once you own a car.


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