Is Crime Seriously Ruining The US?

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Crime is the talk of the town at the minute, and rightly so. This world is going on a downhill spiral for so many different reasons, and crime is definitely up there with the top reason. It’s just so horrible to see some of the crimes that are being committed, and it just doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If anything, gang violence is growing, terrorism is right on our doorstep, and even petty theft is becoming a major issue. At the minute, it’s looking as though crime is something that we just can’t stop. The scope of it is now huge, and in a country as big and as diverse as the US, it’s definitely looking like crime will only ever be on the rise. Is it also fair to say that crime is ruining the US as well. For the citizens that live in it, and the tourists coming to visit it, the threat to life that crime is posing is just too big. So we want to explore some of the states that really seem to be suffering at the minute, and if anything at all can be done to save them.

New Orleans

Crime in New Orleans might not be the highest out of the many states that the US has, but it’s definitely one to talk about. So many people visit New Orleans as tourists due to the massive jazz scene, but with this comes a huge drug scene as well. People are getting caught up in drug crimes, whether they’re involved or not. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of drugs, especially with drug crimes in New Orleans. Even simply dropping off some drugs as a one time thing can land you in a ton of trouble.The US does not take drug related crimes lightly either, with years in prison being awarded, simply for the most minor of drug crimes. So think before you act, and as a tourist, stay away from any sort of drug related activity, even if the nightlife tempts you to it.

New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the least visited states in terms of tourism. It’s largely linked to the crimes that happen in Mexico, with cartel rings being very active in this state. There are so many crimes that happen hear daily, more so than in New Orleans. NM is a much more violent state, with crimes such as rape and murders at an all time high. It seems that the police are having growing issues with trying to manage it, with police lives being put on the life each day, simply because gangs are so rife here. More needs to be done to tackle the severity of the crimes.

New York

Sticking to the New’s here, New York is one of the most visited states in the US. From people visiting as tourists, to US citizens traveling there for the day, there’s just always so many people around. But the crime is not as severe as the other states we’ve listed, but petty theft and pickpocketing is definitely on the rise. With such crowds of people swarming all of the time, it’s so easy for petty theft to take place. But a stolen bag to a tourist could completely ruin the holiday, especially if all of the holiday money and passports were in there.

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