Luxury summer makeup trends

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Maintaining one’s makeup on a hot and humid day can be a daunting task, especially for an inexperienced lady who was only trying to look pretty for a cute guy she just met during her summer break. 

However, with the right makeup, color and mode of application, one can still manage to get something going and ensure she stays pretty all day even for a new date. Getting tips from professional makeup artists can be a huge help during such situations. 

Trending summer makeup tips

  1. Moisturize your skin in the morning

Moisturizers are important in ensuring your skin stays soft and hydrated during the day, therefore, making them necessary. You should, however, ensure that the moisturizer you pick is oil-free to prevent your skin from getting extra oily when the day gets too hot.  

  • Ensure you have enough sunscreen on
  • Avoiding sunburns is part of what makes summer tedious. Sunscreens are, therefore, necessary in ensuring that your skin stays protected even in your quest to look pretty. Apply enough sunscreen on your body before applying the makeup.  An oil-free sunscreen is preferable. You should also make sure that the screen you choose does not react with your skin as this could be a disaster, especially with your make up on. 
  • Go for liquid based products
  • Cream products have been known to melt off quite easily, making them a NO! NO!  Select oil-free liquid based products to ensure your makeup is able to last longer in the heat. Liquid based concealers are also a good bet. 
  • Avoid powdered blush
  • On a hot and humid day the balanced skin you expected to get from powdered blush will be nothing more than a cake-y covering on your skin. Cheek stains are more suitable for hot weather. Apply blush or gel stain with just a hint of cream blush to crown it all. 
  • Use vibrant colors that can blend in the sun
  • Bronze is usually the color that most celebrity makeup artists suggest. To get that sun kissed look that many long for, focus the color on areas most exposed to the sun such as the cheeks, nose and forehead. In this case, however, powdered bronzer is preferable rather than the liquid or cream based one.  
  • Apply Primer to keep the makeup in place
  • Primers help fill up the pores on your skin and ensure you makeup stays in check all day. 
  • Choose lip stains for your lips
  • Wear your hair backwards
  • Have your hair done backwards to ensure that it does not help increase the amount of sweat you have to deal with during the day. 
  • Avoid extra make up
  • Use blotting paper to reduce the shine on your skin rather than applying more makeup. The goal here is to minimize the amount of product you use. 
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