Monetizing Your Status as a Social Influencer

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So you’ve worked hard, maintained your online presence, grown it and finally became someone that could be considered an influencer. Now you’re getting thousands of followers, all your posts are getting likes and you’re connecting with some big names in the social media world.

Now what?

If you’re looking to monetize your status, then we’ve put together a couple of tips that could help you turn that fame into a career.

Sell shout outs

When you grow large enough and your audience is concentrated on a single industry or subject, you’ll start to get requests for shout outs that are designed to get people talking. For example, if an influencer talks about a certain clothing brand, that brand can expect to get a lot of views in a short time.

Guest appearances

Whether it’s appearing on a podcast or writing a guest post for a blog, there are likely companies out there that are more than willing to pay you to make content or appear on their platforms.


Lastly, if your shtick is focused on a particular niche then it’s possible to get a sponsorship for specific things. This can include computer hardware as a tech influencer or even free clothes as a fashion influencer.

Educate others

If you built up your presence as an influencer through a skill then it’s possible to sell it as lessons. For instance, if you’re an excellent artist then you can teach others to draw for a lesson fee, or you could sell eBooks on how you grew your business. These are all very viable choices for educating others and it becomes easier with influence. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about learning management systems.

Graphic from: The Best User-Friendly Learning Management Systems

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