Most Romantic Date Night Ideas

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So you have a date and time set after days, weeks or maybe even months of conversation, but you’re stuck for ideas and hit a major mind block when it comes to planning the details of exactly what to do to make a lasting impression. Fortunately, you can have a memorable date whatever your budget, so we’ve put together some of the most striking and aww-worthy romantic date night ideas to see you through the night and beyond:

1. Scrape the plan (well kind of)

The key to romance is getting rid of the planning, though not in entirety. The best idea is to keep your partner out of the loop. Keeping them guessing what you are up to will spice up the romance. Only ensure the program is filled with their favourite activities.

2. Camping Out

If you need a night away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then a serene outdoor space is for you. Take an evening walk with your date through the woods, perfect for engaged conversations whilst stumbling across nature’s delights. At dusk, up the romance levels by lighting a bonfire and cosy up whilst watching the amber flames and count the falling stars.

3. Karaoke Nights

Everyone appreciates good music, especially when sung by a loved one. Go for a date to a karaoke bar. You do not need the best voice, just a small crowd to cheer you on as you sing your heart out. If you’re not so keen on going solo why not try Massaoke where you can sing anthems alongside a live band guided by big screen lyrics. The night will leave a lasting impression for years many years to come.

4. Live Music

A live concert by your date’s favourite musicians is sure to keep them dancing all evening. You can find the latest bands and solo artists on platforms like Ticketmaster and Resident Advisor. If larger concerts are not their thing why don’t you try a smaller live music venue like a local pub or bar where you can find resident live bands playing usually for free.

5. Cooking Night

It’s the effort that counts, so why not ramp up efforts by cooking the perfect meal at home in an intimate setting. You could even suggest cooking together so that you can create the perfect meal for one another. You could add some creativity to the process by setting a type of cuisine you’d like to stick too or even a colour theme. Use candles and decorate the table with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. After dinner, why not snuggle up on the sofa watching a movie.

6. Conversations & good friends 

Although your goal is to get to know your date, sometimes the idea of a formal date can be a daunting one. One way to get around this is taking your date to a friends party or organising one yourself. You can still keep it intimate by limiting the amount of party-goers, having background music and food so that you can still get to know your date without the added pressure of a one-on-one setting.

7. Make them laugh 

Comedy provides a chance for you to develop and share light moments. Comedy clubs come in many forms, a larger venue with a well-known comedian or smaller space with up and coming comedians and sometimes a free drink thrown in! Make the night even more exciting by looking for secret comedy clubs, these hidden treasures will leave you laughing into the night.

8. Open Air Theatres

Take your dating experience to another level by going to an open air theatre. Somewhat weather dependent, these venues can add an instant dreamy atmosphere especially as the sun sets and the stars begin to shine. Watch iconic plays like Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream with your date whilst taking in the atmosphere.

9. Explore the city 

Every city looks beautiful at night. Walking and viewing iconic landmarks at night or visiting a rooftop bar in the city can add real wow factor to any date. Why not book a night tour to find out the history of your city together or stop off along the way to museums and galleries, most of which have free entry, to take in even more culture.

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