Our Guide to Getting Your Home Ready to Host

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Hosting a party can be a stressful time, regardless of whether you are hosting for friends and family or you are hosting a dinner party for work colleagues – however, it doesn’t have to be stressful! In this article, we are going to be giving you our guide to preparing your home for a party, regardless of the number of people you are catering for. 

Add Decorations 

If you have recently moved into your home or you have just redecorated, adding a painting or canvas print on an empty wall will tie the room together and make it appear more welcoming. If you are looking for a conversation starter, Banksy prints on canvas can help you achieve exactly that. This can be hung on the wall with ease and can be used to perfectly compliment the colour theme of the room. This will help to make your home appear finished when hosting friends or even family members. 

A Quick Clean 

When your finishing touches are added to your room, you are then ready to host – but what about the mess? A little bit of mess is fine when hosting but it is important to ensure that important rooms such as the kitchen, living room and bathrooms are all clean. This will create the perfect space for hosting a party, allowing you to relax knowing your house is beautifully clean. If needs be, you can move extra coats into a bedroom or a storage room to make the house look less cluttered. This will help you to free up additional space in your home for guest coats and shoes and the coats and shoes can be returned to their normal spot when the night is over. 

Scent the Room 

Though this may sound strange, adding a little bit of scent to the main rooms that you will be hosting It will help you and your guests to immerse themselves in the overall experience. Whether you use a citrus, sweet or spicy scent to spread around your home, this will help your home to smell nice throughout the whole day. In addition to this, a subtle air freshener will also help to reduce the smell of any cleaning products that you have been using, helping your home to smell better before people begin arriving, allowing you to great them when your home is at its best. 

Find the Perfect Volume 

One of the most common issues when hosting a party is the volume of the music. For many, the music is far too loud, meaning that it is very hard to socialise, and you may have to shout in order to hear each other. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure that you find the right volume before your guests arrive in order to set the mood. This can be changed later on in the day to either be louder or softer to suit the mood. 

Whether you are hosting an event for the summer or you are looking to host a moving in party for your new home, you can be sure that you will have a party to remember with endless possibilities. Good luck!

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