Practices to Help You Reawaken Your Spirituality

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Finding meaning in your life and exploring your spiritual side starts from within. There are many practices you could try out, as well as these tips on how to become more open minded.

According to a study conducted by Dr Harold G. Koenig, the key to a healthy and happy life lays within spirituality. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean religion, it can simply mean connecting to nature and putting people and their feelings above the material world. His research found that people who are more open towards spirituality, and who practise it regularly, are better equipped when it comes to dealing with health issues in general.

1) Join a group of like-minded people

Being part of a group that has the same goals as you can make your journey a lot easier and can bring more positive energy into your life. PranaWorld Malaysia is the perfect place to start for anyone interested in spirituality, self-care, and healthy living. The events they organize teach meditation, yoga, and healing, aiming to bring back clarity into modern life.

2) Embrace simplicity

With so many things taking up so much space in your life, it is hard to just sit in silence and appreciate your surroundings. Try decluttering your physical space and see how this can declutter the mind. Going minimalist involves simple life tasks that can help you focus less on material possessions whilst also helping you to start your own journey and set achievable goals.

3) Go on a yoga retreat

Practising yoga can help you to understand your body and gain greater control over your mind, allowing you to really tap into your inner strength. Yoga Tree in Kuala Lumpur is one of the most popular yoga retreats in Malaysia, offering a two-day sessions filled with yoga classes and meditation that will revitalise you. Set in a tropical rainforest, the huts are simple and free from lavishness, so that you can really enjoy some peace and privacy.

4) Understand your potential

If you wish to understand yourself better and discover your true spiritual potential, then perhaps seek insight by trying clairvoyant readings. A Clairvoyant can connect with you and give you guidance from the images or pictures that they see in their mind. They can talk to you about the past, present or future and give you insight and clarity, empowering you to move forwards and clear your mind.

5) Spend some time outside

Although not everyone is lucky enough to live near a mountain or a beach and be able to soak up nature on a regular basis, you need to try to make use of what you have. When you go for a walk in the park, look at the sky and feel the breeze instead of scrolling down Facebook, sat bored on a bench. Experiencing a new environment also spark a few elements of spirituality, while growing your appreciation for your surroundings. Understanding your need to connect with nature will help you grow more than you could imagine!


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