Preventive Measures: 6 Tips for Avoiding Parking Lot Accidents

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Parking lot accidents are more common than most people think. About 20% of all car crashes happen in parking lots, and tens of thousands of people are injured each year. Though distracted driving and obstructed vision are common causes of these collisions, with these tips, you can stay safer while you’re waiting to get back on the road.

Buy Enough Time for a Proper Reaction

Today’s parking lots are full of hazards and obstacles, but other drivers are the biggest peril. They often drive too fast, cut across lanes, or ignore pavement markings and signs, which puts everyone in danger. The most effective way to deal with such a driver is to slow down; it buys you enough time to react safely and prevent a collision. Be cautious when backing up or turning corners, but if that doesn’t work, call the team at Groth Law for help and advice.

Be On the Lookout For Pedestrians

Parking lots are packed with people going to and coming from their vehicles. Though pedestrians don’t always look out for cars, it is still your job to look out for them. Keep your eyes on any pedestrians who may walk into your vehicle’s path and be sure to obey the parking lot’s crosswalks. It’s important to anticipate pedestrians, even if they’re not immediately visible.

Keep a Safe Distance

Scratches, dents, and door dings aren’t just aggravating; they’re difficult to avoid. No matter how conscientious and courteous you are when you park your car, it’s all too easy to become the victim of someone else’s careless actions. One easy way to minimize the risk of vehicle damage is to park far away from other cars. It may be an inconvenience, but it’s much better than taking up several parking spaces so others can’t park near you.

Get Rid Of Distractions

Many parking lot collisions occur because drivers become distracted by their children, their phones, or other factors. Avoid performing other tasks before coming to a stop and turning your vehicle off, including unbuckling your seat belt. It’s good to turn your radio off or down before entering a busy parking lot so you stay alert to nearby sounds.

Practice Common Courtesy

With the heat and the high tensions of the summer shopping season, drivers sometimes cause crashes by trying to beat each other to the best parking spots. This is dangerous because speeding, aggressive drivers don’t always observe their surroundings. When you’re trying to get to that spot, it’s easy to hit another car or a pedestrian. It’s best to park farther out to avoid pushy drivers who put you and everyone else in danger.

Choose a Safer Spot

Sometimes, the best parking spot isn’t the one that’s closest to the door, but the one that’s the safest. Avoid the first and last spots on aisles; they may be easier to get into and out of, but they’re at a greater risk of being involved in a collision. If you’re traveling with children, choose a spot that’s far away from crowded areas. It may not be fun walking across a hot parking lot with little ones in tow, but it’s easier and safer to get them out of and into the vehicle without traffic speeding around.


Busy parking lots are just as perilous as the nation’s highways. Stay alert, whether you’re driving or walking, and follow all posted signs and safety precautions. With that advice and the tips in this guide, you’ll be better equipped to keep yourself and other drivers safe.


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