The Milana Family Foundation: 4th annual Golf & Poker Event at Fresh Meadow Country Club in support of Man Cave Health

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I had the opportunity to meet Tom Milana Jr., his wife Adriana and daughters at the Milana Family Foundation 4th annual Golf & Poker Event at Fresh Meadow Country Club in support of Man Cave Health. Man Cave Health was established after Milana was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a routine doctor visit. Milana is an entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist with an outstanding track record of building successful companies and nonprofits

After his diagnosis, Milana realized that most men neglect their health and that men’s healthcare isn’t in the forefront the way that it should be. It is quite uncommon for men to speak about their medical conditions and are often taught at a young age to “tough it out” because that is what boys do.  If you show your emotions, you run the risk of name calling or even being bullied. Unfortunately, the push through pain and injuries over the course of years, often leads to ignoring symptoms of diseases that may occur in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. With this in mind and thanks to Milana’s diagnosis, the Milana Family created Man Cave Health, which is a unique patient care model that combines educational resources, emotional support and the latest in medical technology within a space where men feel comfortable talking about their health.

Milana says that “men take better care of their cars than they do their bodies,” so the organization is creating sports-themed facilities to help treat those that are medically challenged. Their facilities replace the clinical setting of a typical doctor’s office with a luxurious waiting area with “masculine décor,” which includes items from local sports teams, flat-screened televisions, leather seating and coffee bars along with educational resources on prostate and other diseases. Mount Sinai Health System in New York City revealed the first official Man Cave at its Midtown urology practice and several more “Man Caves” will be opening up throughout the states. 

Man Cave’s 4th annual Golf & Poker event began with free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screenings by Bioreference Laboratories Inc. and GenPath for its attendees, which is not typical for an event. Golfers enjoyed delicious food and drinks throughout the day. Although the weather wasn’t cooperative, the attendees shared laughs as they talked business and their favorite New York sports teams. (I think the Yankees had an edge with this crowd!) The evening ended with dinner, a President Trump impersonator and poker to support the cause. 

“My family and I are so grateful for BioReference Laboratories and GenPath for participate providing complimentary, on-site PSA testing to all the male participants of our event,” said Milana. “We are touched by all of our friends who are like family and our sponsors who support us in our mission to bring awareness to Man Cave Health and our goal to save lives. I know we are on the right path and we look forward too many more successful events.”

Ranging from the ages of 14 to their mid 20’s, Milana’s five daughters are right by their parent’s side in helping to make a difference for those who need the support and resources that they are now providing in the Man Cave.  “I’m so proud that my family had the vision to launch the first Man Cave Health in Mount Sinai this year, and I know that this will be the first of many,” said Milana’s daughter Giulia. “My father is fortunate to be a prostate cancer survivor and I’m confident that he will do everything in his power to spread awareness and save lives.” 

Such a special family and I look forward to sharing their Man Cave journey with you throughout the year.

If you or someone you know can benefit by Man Cave Health, please feel free to reach out. For more information visit You can also engage on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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