The Role of the Chief Bridesmaid

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A chief bridesmaid or maid/matron of honor truly is an honor. Ensuring that you are able to fulfill your responsibilities is important. Poor experiences for both the bride and the maid of honor can easily lead to huge fallings out, perhaps for life, so it is important to take the role seriously and do the best job possible. Continue reading for the main roles you’ll be expected to carry out.


  • Helping to choose the dresses and accessories


Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to dresses for both the bride and bridesmaids. If you feel the dress your bride tries on really is not flattering, tell her in a gentle way. Perhaps take some photos to demonstrate exactly which areas do not suit her. It’s an emotional time though, so do make sure that you are truthful, yet kind. Additionally, the chief bridesmaid will be expected to be a spokesperson for the rest of the bridesmaid team (if there is one). There are no hard and fast rules as to who pays for the dresses these days, though if the bride is choosing specific, expensive ones that will only be worn once, it would seem unfair for the bridesmaids to foot the bill. 


  • Bachelorette party


Organizing a bachelorette party is not an easy task. The balance between fun and sophistication can be a challenge, so you need to find something that is perfect for the bride-to-be. Knowing the bride as well as you do, it ought to be fairly straightforward. However, other guests’ needs and availability should be taken into account too. Perhaps, you could organize a day of two halves. A daytime activity of a river cruise with elegant afternoon tea (how very British!). This could be followed by a livelier evening of a salsa class and dancing until the sun comes up again. Whether you opt for t-shirts with custom screen printing to make it obvious who’s part of the party or classy tiaras, fun is the operative word when it comes to it. Careful preparation is vital too. The odd surprise thrown in every now and again will make for a day (or weekend!), she will never forget!


  • Wedding day moral support


On the day, and in fact the weeks leading up to it, things can and undoubtedly will go wrong. In her head, the bride will have imagined things a certain way, usually perfect in her mind. When there is a mishap, her dreams will be shattered. Even something as simple as the flowers being a different shade to the one she envisaged or a curl keeps falling out of place on someone’s head can be disastrous according to a stressed bride. Humor can help in some circumstances, but as someone who knows the bride well, assess the situation carefully at the time. 


  • Wedding day right-hand woman


In addition to providing moral support, it will be vital for you to be hands on and help with putting on the dress, ensuring the hair and make-up is as the bride wants, and quietly whispering if she has lipstick on her teeth, for example. Many dresses with long trains have the option to be hitched up. This is a great option in preparation for the first dance and the hours of boogying thereafter. The chief bridesmaid will have been present at most, if not all of the, dress fittings, so will have been instructed how to do it.


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