Top 5 Best Instruments You Could Learn How to Play

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Picking up a new hobby is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to fill your time. Among these hobbies, learning how to play an instrument is one of the most impressive! With so many different genres of music and types of instruments, it can be hard to choose which one is meant for you. 

Here’s a guide to picking the best instrument to master.

1) The Drums

The drums are the most physical of all the instruments to learn. They also require a good amount of co-ordination. But learning how to play the drums can be extremely useful. No matter what genre of music you like, most require a good beat to back it up.

You may start by getting a pair of sticks, a snare drum, and great drum throne. Research drumsticks based on the type of music you want to play, as well as the size of your hands. Snare drums are a great to start off with, because they’re pretty much required for any song. And as for your stool, comfort and height are some of the most important features of a drum throne. You’ll want to make sure you’re playing with correct posture, or this choice might end up doing more damage to your back than good.

2) The Guitar

The guitar is one of the most well-known instruments. It is particularly popular in genres like rock, folk, and country. They come in electric and acoustic varieties. Electric guitars plug into amps and can be distorted with pedals. Acoustic guitars are used more for the folksy feel, like old school Bob Dylan or the classical stylings of Jose Feliciano.

Each brand of guitar brings different sounds. It can be difficult to choose which one you prefer when you’re just starting out. Luckily, there are many choices for beginner guitarists out there to help you learn the basics while you research fancier, longer-term options. All you need is the guitar, a pick, tuner, capo, and a strap, and you can take off from there.

3) The Keyboard

The keyboard is the least expensive on the list, and most convenient option for those who can’t afford or transport a full-sized piano. Many have fewer keys than the typical 88-key piano, but they come with songs to learn and fun sound effects for people who like to experiment.

The keyboard requires coordination, and many people like to buy physical books full of piano exercises to practice with. Pianists typically learn to read music, and more in-depth theory. You can still train like a pianist with the keyboard. It is also very versatile – you can learn any genre, from classical to modern pop.

4) The Bass Guitar

If you worry about the coordination in your fingers too much to play a six-string guitar, the bass guitar is the next best thing. Bass guitarists typically only play single notes, rather than long, complicated chords. This makes the instrument perfect for people who have never played an instrument before.

Along with the drummer, the bass guitar is the heartbeat of a song. It provides rhythm and life to the main melody. Though many people think of the six-string guitar when they think of a string section, the bass guitar is a great instrument in its own right.

5) The Saxophone

When you think of jazz music the thing that probably pops into your head is a saxophone. It’s different than the other instruments on this list because it’s a wind instrument, typically used in marching bands or in a jazz band.

The four main types of the saxophone are the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, all with their own separate keys. This means that there is a saxophone for every occasion, whether you prefer higher or lower registers of the instrument. Another fun fact is that they all have the same finger placements, so if you memorize the notes for one saxophone, you know them for the entire family of instruments.

In Conclusion

Learning an instrument is one of the most fun hobbies you can pursue. Not only are you learning a skill, but in learning this craft, you can gain a deeper appreciation for music you may never have considered before. All five of these instruments are great pathways into the world of learning an instrument.

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