Top 5 Careers in the Beauty Industry

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Calling all beauty gurus! If you’re obsessed with following the latest beauty trends and products, a career in the beauty industry might be the perfect opportunity for you. With a large variety of occupations and training requirements, there’s something for everybody in this industry. From eyelash extensions and laser hair removal to hairdressing, everyone’s talents can be appreciated in this blossoming industry.  

To save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 careers in the beauty industry. 

Try these top 5 careers in the beauty industry

Eyelash technician 

If you love fluttery lashes and instant gratification, you should consider becoming an eyelash technician. This is a great career path that has flexible scheduling. There’s no need to sit through years of beauty school to become an eyelash technician, simply enroll in an eyelash extension course. There are plenty of fantastic online education options for those with a limited schedule. So if you are detail-oriented and enjoy empowering girls to feel their best, enroll in an eyelash extensions training course today. 

Microblade Artist

For those who aren’t squeamish about blood, becoming a microblade artist might be the perfect career move for you! With the potential to earn a six-figure income and flexible schedule, microblading is a fantastic career choice in the beauty industry. Microblading artists typically undergo apprenticeships to gain experience. Jobs typically require tattoo licenses and certifications vary by state and company. You can typically find jobs in medical spas, salons, or start freelancing once you build enough experience. 

Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal technicians are responsible for the preparation and operation of FDA-approved laser devices, as well as post-treatment care. While educational requirements vary by state, laser hair removal technicians can find work in medical spas, cosmetic surgery clinics, and doctors offices. Check with your local state regulations and licensing requirements to decide if laser hair removal is the path for you. 

Makeup Artist

One of the most in-demand jobs in the industry, makeup artist work with a variety of clientele to create beautiful makeup looks. Whether you’re doing makeup for celebrities, bridal parties, or special events, let your talents shine by putting your own personal touch on each makeup look. Once you master down cosmetics application on a variety of skin types, skin tones, and face shapes, you’ll be ready in no time. Build your portfolio through freelance work or start at a salon. The opportunities are endless!


Passionate about creating beautiful heads of hair? Talented hairdressers do it all. Daily tasks can include cutting, coloring, extensions, and styling different hair types and needs. Salaries can vary depending on location and salon type. While becoming a hairdresser typically takes more training and experience than the aforementioned beauty careers, it is a rewarding job path with the opportunity to work at salons or freelance. 

Your career is waiting for you!

So what are you waiting for? These job opportunities offer flexibility and the potential for high salaries. Look into these jobs today and get a head start on your beauty career. 


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