What! Detroit Has An Art Scene?

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Detroit isn’t really known for much else than cars, but if you’re a local you’ll know that cars have been replaced by art. The art that is being created in the city and the scene that is growing, rivals that of Los Angeles and New York. Just because it’s quieter and less well known, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a light hitter.  The art that is all around the city, reflects the story and journey of the city. From paintings of factory workers in the sides of literal factories, to neighborhoods with homes being painted on, the art is incredibly varied and pinned to the history of Detroit. You may not know it, but travel all around the city to see there are empty spaces being used by artists, galleries and even some museums to host art collections, sell private art examples and even teach people how to paint and draw. Art is taken very seriously here, so dive in to explore.

From the base

Detroit has become one of the best cities to visit if you’re into art. Take a look at what’s on offer at the Detroit Institute of Arts where you can take a look at private collections as well as community art. There’s also plenty of exhibitions on show, such as the impressionist exhibition from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. The theme is of the human being in different time periods and jobs. You have portraits of a sailor from the 1800s, as well as a maid in the same time period. But there is also a look at how we move, so dance and sports are also captured in an impressionist tone. Religion is also delved into and different figures of piety are explored.

A fine collection

You may be surprised by this next one, but the Park West Gallery is run by the largest art dealer in the world. Albert Scaglione has been collecting art for a very long time and has been servicing the artistic desires of 2 million customers. Here in the headquarters of the company, you can see some of the finest pieces which have been saved and owned to purely be a prestigious display. Here you can also watch artists literally creating their paintings and doing so on stage. The great thing is, so many different modern artists are getting their platform and able to share their art with the world in real time.

For a whole week

Detroit is so serious about it’s art, it has a Detroit Art Week. the event is held so many young artists can explore their own style, get some advice from those that have created art all their life, and know more about the industry as a whole. It’s also a chance for other artists to meet each other and potentially, collaborate and exchange ideas. If you would like the chance to see experimental art, this is the place to go.

Detroit is an amazing city. Yes it’s dark, grey and seen better days but the art scene is ray of light. It’s only going to grow larger and become more well-known as the years go on.

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