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What to Look for in an Office for Your Business

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Whether you are just starting your business and looking for your first office, expanding into a bigger space, or moving out of your home office for the first time, looking for an office is exciting. Find the right space, and your business with thrive. Here are some of the things that you need to look for. 


When it comes to any business, the location is crucial. You might think that location only matters if you are a store, restaurant or other customer serving business, where passing footfall is essential. But, that’s just not true. Even if your business is entirely office-based, and only people with a prior appointment enter the building, location is still extremely important. 

The right location can improve your reputation and even increase client confidence in your business. An address in a rough area of town might put people off, or at least give them a reason to worry. An excellent location, in a prominent and well-respected area, can give you a boost, even if it’s just the address on your business card. 

Location is also important for your staff. Your office should be easy to get to. They shouldn’t have a hard time reaching you every day. If they commute, your office should be easy to reach, and it should be easy for clients to find. 


Parking is something that many small business owners forget about, especially if they don’t drive themselves. But, believe it or not, not having free parking puts people off. The best team members might not want to work for you if a long commute ends with them having to pay for public parking and then walk to the office. Your clients will also want to park easily, so make sure you give it some consideration. If the offices that you are looking at don’t have their own parking, could you perhaps do a deal with a local car park?

Space to Grow

Most of us want our businesses to grow and expand. You might only need a few desks and a little space now, but looking for an office space for teams of 15 – 500+ means that you can stay where you are when you start to grow and that you don’t have to worry about moving if you are successful. 

Greeting Points

Do you want your clients to walk into an office to be greeted by a mess or doors and desks? The first thing that they see shouldn’t be a busy office. It’s confusing and overwhelming. It certainly isn’t welcoming. 

So, find an office with at least one greeting point. Somewhere for a host, or receptionist to greet clients and direct them to their next point of call. A greeting point is your chance to make a first impression, so there should be your branding, your story and a member of staff that knows what they are talking about. 

Natural Light

Natural light is essential in a modern and productive office. Plenty of natural light can improve staff morale, keep everyone happy and make people feel more alert. It can make the space feel bigger and cleaner and will make staff and clients alike feel more comfortable. When viewing offices, think about the light. Look for somewhere with plenty of windows and light sources, but also take into account the position of the sun. It might be bright in the middle of the day, but how will it look later on in the day? Think about this carefully. It’s one of the few things that you can’t change. 


Think about what facilities you want from your office, or in the surrounding area. Do you want plenty of eateries and somewhere for after-work drinks nearby? Would you rather be surrounded by other successful businesses? You’ll need toilets, but how many depends on the size of your business. Will you want people to eat on-site? Write a list of everything you want from your office space, and try to find somewhere that meets your needs. 

Back of House Areas

Many business owners are guilty of only thinking about the areas that customers and clients will see. But, your back of house area is important too. Nice staff areas can be a significant morale boost and help your staff to feel welcome and appreciated. Think about the rooms you need, and look for an office space that gives your team what they need, as well as your clients. 


Your budget will always be a critical consideration. Think about what you can afford before you even look, and remember to look at hidden costs like management fees and cleaning charges, before committing to an office. 

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