Wonderfully Weird Ways To Travel The World!

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Seeing the Seven Wonders of the World. Meeting new people and making friends for life. Taking a break from the monotony of life. We all know the reasons to travel the world take part in an adventure of a lifetime. The bone of contention isn’t why you do it but how. There are lots of ways to get around and you need to open your mind if you think a plane is the best option. Okay, it might be the quickest yet it isn’t any fun.

Here at Social, we care about the weird and wonderful because they’re the experiences that never fade. Without further ado, here are the ones to keep in mind for your next trip.

Central American Chicken Bus

The clue is in the title, so don’t be shocked if you spot a local throwing a bag of poultry on the roof. Unfortunately, you might get the feeling the roof is the place to be once you get inside. Tiny seats fill the space with hardly any room to move in the aisle; and, the leg space is almost non-existent. Still, there’s nothing like taking on oncoming traffic in a retro school bus adorning vibrant colors. Oh, and the fare is about 50 cents per person, so there’s that too!

Italian Vaporetto 

Think of Venice and a romantic Gondola ride through the cities waterways will spring to mind. While this image is the stuff of dreams, the transport isn’t practical when you arrive in the city of love. Far more economical and functional is the Vaporetto – a motorized water taxi that goes way beyond the city’s limits. Jump aboard and explore the incredible islands off the Venetian coast such as Murano or Burano; you won’t regret it.

Cruise Ship

There’s nothing strange about a cruise ship. Although you’re right – they are common – it’s not the ship itself but the destination mixed with the circumstances. Antarctica is an inhabitable wasteland, but it’s still a continent that nobody gets the privilege to visit. On a cruise ship, you can work in the kitchens or as a customer service advisor for the guests as a means to an end: to get to the ice shelf. Park West Gallery has an even more far-out experience for wannabe sailors. Join them and you get to learn about fine art while traveling the world in a cruise ship. There aren’t many companies that include a boat in the contract!

Japanese Bullet Train

Faster trains do exist, namely in China, but the Shinkansen is the oldest and original version. Like a cruise ship, there isn’t anything weird about it until you realize it’s insanely quick. Once you board, you can expect to travel the length of the island of Honshu in less than three hours. For Americans, where train travel is outdated at best, it’s a novelty to travel such a long way so quickly. And, there’s more because the bullet trains are punctual and runs like a Swiss clock so you’ll never be late.

A shout out has to go to the Capitol Subway System in Washington D.C. too. What’s your favorite weird yet wonderful form of transport?

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