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4 Ways to Make Your Home Look like a Hotel

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Have you ever left a nice hotel thinking that you’d like your home to look just like it? If so, then here’s a bit of good news: this is very much achievable! No matter what budget you’re working on or what exact style you have in mind, there are lots of ways for you to recapture that vacation feel in your humble abode.

Here are four ways you can make your home look and feel like a swanky hotel:

Opt for funky furniture

One trait that nearly all high-end hotels share is funky furniture. Hoteliers choose eye-catching sets of tables and chairs to help bolster their establishment’s brand.

You might not have a brand to build, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fill your home with funky furniture. Head to www.eclipsefurniture.co.uk, choose the contemporary style that catches your eye the most, and add it to your furniture collection. There’s nothing wrong with splashing the cash in this instance – you deserve a treat every now and again!

Always have fresh-cut flowers on show

No matter what hotel you check into, you will be sure to stumble across fresh cut flowers somewhere in the building. Whether it’s on the reception desk, in the on-site restaurant, or even in your room, this is yet another convention that all the best hotels adhere to. You should, then, seriously consider having this kind of decoration on show in your home at all times. It may mean that you have to constantly shell out on new flowers but, for aesthetic purposes, the investment will definitely be worth it. Whatever you do, don’t take the easy route out by opting for plastic flowers instead – that’s a big no-no in the hotel field, so it should be avoided in your home as well.

Look after your linen

The way 5* hotels look after their linen, you’d think they were threaded with gold. No matter how much hard work it might entail, you should embrace this passion for linen if you want to transform your home into a hotel. This means rolling it up to ensure it doesn’t get creased, ironing it whenever it does get creased, and keeping it as white and as soft as it can possibly be.

Tend to the little details

Whether you invite guests over regularly or not, it’s still nice to fill your home with all the small things that make hotels truly special.

One little detail that you should consider tending to in this instance is your coffee situation. If you want your home to feel like a hotel, you can’t just be boiling up bog-standard coffee granules every morning. You have to invest in a coffee machine that allows you to try a host of different styles and flavors.

The most important thing to remember is that you want your home to be a space that you enjoy spending time in. Be sure, then, to put your own spin on things as you seek to transform your humble abode into a high-end hotel. Whether you actually go as far as to welcome paying guests into your home, that’s completely up to you!

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