5 Dress Styles for Every Event in 2019

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Style changes rapidly. What was in last year becomes out even faster. It is important to stay on the pulse of what is popular each year. This way, you have outfit options when going out or attending events.


We’ve compiled 2019’s most popular cuts, styles, and designs. Whether you’re going to a wedding, a dance, or a work event, these trends make any dress the perfect choice.


  1. Long-Sleeved Gowns with a High Neckline


This may seem like a very specific type of dress. There is, though, a wide variety of this style in many sizes, fits, and lengths.  The sleeves are back with a passion. Long-sleeved dresses are perfect for work events or indoor parties that may be cold. You won’t have to cover your beautiful gown with a jacket when the sleeves keep you warm.


The high neckline is modest and glamours. It is a great way to show off earrings or necklaces, as the fit tends to draw attention to the neckline.


  1. Lace-Up Back


A lace-up back dress is ideal for cocktail parties or outdoors events. Show off a little skin while remaining comfortably well covered with a lace-up gown that dips low in the back.

This style was big in the 1990s. It was often seen with a twisted up-do and a thin heel. We’ve seen this style grace the red carpet at numerous film premiers this year, signaling a major come back. As opposed to the 90s, it can be paired with a light wedge for summery outdoor events or with a more formal shoe to transition into the evening.


The versatility of this gown means that it can be dressed up or down for different types of events.


  1. Beaded Fabric


We’re throwing it back to the 1920s with this Gatsby-esque fabric choice. Beaded patterns are luxurious. The major resurgence of shimmering beads can be seen in the myriad prom dresses being designed this way.


The Sherri Hill new collection has cornered the market on beaded bridal and prom gowns. The great thing about beaded gowns is that they look good in many different styles. Try a long gown with a beaded top, or a short dress that’s beaded entirely.


These dresses look beautiful with pearl-based jewelry. They are often fitted with high necklines and a cascading pattern down the body.


  1. Side Cutouts


Side cutout dresses are fun and flirty, but they can also be elegant in the right fit. Try a short side cutout dress in red for a night out. Alternatively, fit your bridal party in a soft blue with a tailored cutout. This can be tasteful and gorgeous, especially in soft hues.


The cutout is one choice that has been popular for several recent years in a row. It is versatile. Each side cutout dress tells a different story. Tell your story with one of these shimmering fits.


  1. Florals


We aren’t one to mess with a classic. Floral dress patterns can be subtle or intense. This determines whether it is a hit or a miss. A subtle floral accent on a gown can add a small bit of flair to make it the talk of the night.


Embroidered dresses, which are making a major come back, use florals as inspiration in their patterns. Try an embroidered floral pattern in grey for a whimsical autumn aesthetic.


The Bottom Line


There are millions of designs and styles on the market, but not every style is a winner. Stay on top of this year’s fashion faux-pas. Knowing what’s popular in 2019 can make searching for your unique style easier. Find a compromise between red carpet fashion, and what makes you feel comfortable in your skin.


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