Are Dogs Good Travel Buddies?

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As you list down your dog’s travel essentials including treats, dog nappies and those cute collars to hold his tags, you may still be wondering whether it is a good idea to take your four-legged buddy with you on your trip. 

Perhaps like some other humans of these furry ones, you may be concerned whether your dog is up for traveling. Fret not as dogs are ideal travel buddies and sometimes may even make better travel companions than humans.

1. They are Always Up for a Trip

This is only true, however, as long as they are with their human and not going to the veterinarian’s office. You don’t have to needlessly expend energy convincing kids or teenagers why the trip will be culturally enriching for them. Dogs won’t bug or argue with you about accommodations, Wi-Fi and carrier coverage, travel itinerary, food selection or taking another human companion along.

2. They Won’t Hold You Back

Have you ever experienced being with a travel buddy who spent a major part of the trip in the hotel room sleeping, and then started complaining about room service upon waking? Dogs are not as deflating as these types of human travelers. Just grab the leash and watch their ears perk up in anticipation of the next fun activity. 

According to the creators of the For the Furry Dog Collars, traveling with your dog is a major benefit for empathetic people. Your dog’s excitement is contagious and will enhance your emotional experience while traveling. However, if your not really impacted by others’ emotions, then you’ll need other reasons for bringing your pooch.

3. You’ll Look More Like a Local

Tourists and travelers often exude an aura that screams “out-of-towner!” If you walk the streets with your little buddy on a leash, however, most will subconsciously assume that you are a local who’s taking out the dog for a stroll.

4. They Help You Avoid the Usual Tourist Traps

If the locals think that you are a fellow local, they are less likely to overcharge you for the food and trinkets that you purchase along the way. Relentless hawkers peddling overpriced souvenirs will not bother anyone who they think are locals. Having a dog along with you helps you fit in with the area you’re visiting.

5. They Help You Connect With the Locals

Along those same lines, you know how effective your little buddy is in helping you break the ice with strangers. This same is true even if you are thousands of miles away from home. Dogs can be perfect icebreakers with the locals, and their cuteness might even earn you a discount or a freebie at stores or restaurants.

6. They Ward Off Evil

Some dogs can also sense if something not right is afoot and will not waste time in letting you know about it. A yappy or barking dog makes you a less-attractive target for tourist scammers and pickpockets. Even in your hotel room, your dog can alarm you if anyone is pacing or hovering outside your door and scare him away.

7. They Have a Nose for Good Food

If the area is popular for its cuisine, your dog can lead you to the best foodie spots. Just follow its lead and if it lingers near a stall, kiosk or diner, trust their noses and sample the menu. Just make sure that your travel buddy gets his reward.

Perhaps the best reason why dogs make good travel buddies is that they are highly unlikely to do anything to ruin your trip. All throughout your trip, you’ll be the boss, and you won’t get any sass from your dog that will completely mess things up. On the contrary, dogs give you a boost of positive energy that will make your trip well worth it.

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