Attracting Good Luck to your Life

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Whatever your beliefs, there is no denying that at certain times in our lives, we can experience periods of good and back luck. In fact, most Americans believe that luck has a huge part to play in their successes in life.

So whether you have superstitions you believe in, spiritual beliefs or a lucky number or symbol, we can all attract positive energy and good luck into our lives. Whilst even the luckiest of people may not experience good fortune in their lives at all time, the chances are they will have more than their fair share of good luck during their lives. But, so can you too.

So read on for some easy ways in which you can attract some good luck into your life.

Positive Attitude.

One thing you notice about people who seem to be extremely lucky is their positive attitude. Believing you can be lucky is part of being lucky itself. Whether you want to land your dream job, receive good news or simply have a good day, thinking you can and WILL could simply be all you need to do.

The same as knowing you’re going to have a bad before you leave the house almost always means something will go wrong, changing up your attitude to encourage positive behaviour can attract some good luck into your life too. So why not start thinking of what you want to happen to attract Lady Luck into your life today.

Listen to Your Body.

Do you ever get a gut feeling? Or a hunch about something? Listen to it. Pay attention, this is your bodies fight or flight response kicking in and if something doesn’t quite feel right your body will let you know. The same with something you are meant to do too.

Most people dismiss this but sometimes it pays to listen to what your body is telling you to do in certain situations. Don’t ignore that nagging feeling, if you are meant to do something you are putting off. Attune yourself to your mind and body and let it guide you when you are unsure.


You may not have spiritual beliefs but there is something to be said about paying it forward. Be the person who helps others when they need it, simply with a smile or acknowledgement or something more generous and in turn, you may be rewarded in the future.

Whether you believe in Karma or not, people do hold faith in and believe yuo reap what you sow. So why not try attracting what you want by pushing forward with that same energy yourself and see if you can be rewarded with some good Karma or fortune in your life.

Luck can come to us in many different ways but there is no denying that positive actions bring positive benefits. So if you are looking to change your luck or improve your life. Make some small changes to what you do and how you think and act to see if the tide will change and bring a change of fortune with it too!


Mehru Khan studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of technology in New York and moved to Lahore, where she pursued a successful career in design as Head designer at a leading fashion house of couture and luxury pret. Fashion designer,stylist and a consultant Mehru is a fashion insider for Social lifestyle magazine, keeping us abreast with latest trends and events in the world of fashion, arts and culture.

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