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Becoming Your Best Self Once More

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We can often look at our life and judge ourselves based on who we were at that time, as if we had every lesson to hand, every single mistake prepared for, or perhaps more experience than we do now. But the truth is, living your absolute best self is hard. It can burn plenty of energy. It is possible, but it can also be hard to get that perfectly right, especially during your ascent into adulthood.

This means that limiting that sense of self-critique and remaining a little more down to earth can be a great idea. But how do you coax out that inner strength you know you have to show? How can you both embody this, and also become it? Is it possible to become a better person despite living as a person you might not wish to recognize? Put simply, is there hope for you?

Absolutely. There always is. This is why becoming your best self once more can almost always be helped by the following advice:

Start Again

You are not defeated when you fail. You are defeated when you give up. So, start again after a deep breathe. Who’s to say that this isn’t the time you’re going to make a go of things, that everything will work out as you intend thanks to your efforts? This can be a worthwhile and quite exciting prospect to consider, and it does make plenty of sense. Sometimes having the tenacity to get up and lift your head takes more bravery than it can for some people to climb Mount Everest. And your experience is truly what matters.

Ask For Help

It’s strength, not weakness, to ask for help. It might be that visiting the best rehab centers can help you avoid mixing in the community that is routinely tearing you down. Asking for help can be humbling and no small amount of difficult, but it is extremely worth it should you give yourself the chance.  Ask those who you feel could truly help. A service, a friend, a family member. Be sure to let them know how you intend to heal, and what you need help with. Honesty can often burn away all the deadwood surrounding your personality, and that can be an awakening experience.

Focus On What You Love

Love is always there. But sometimes, what we love can be suppressed by life. You may simply need to find something you love and cultivate that small ember until you feel better again. Then, it will grow, and you can apply it like aiming a hose. This is the most natural means of coming back to your best self. Your best self is not your coolest self, or your toughest self, or your most intelligent or successful self. It’s your most honest and loving self, the one who cares about looking after you and those you care for.

With this advice, we hope you can become your best self once more.


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