Best Outdoor Adventure Vacation Destinations on a Budget

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Traveling not only refreshes our mind, but it also creates lifelong memories. Whether you are traveling for two days or weeks, it teaches you a lot of things. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that travelling is just a waste of time, energy and money. But it is an ultimate way to interact with the new people and to explore various places. While travelling, you will see many unique things that are not available in your homeland. 

Most people believe that travelling requires a lot of money. But the fact is that many enthusiastic tourists travel on a strict budget. 

The tourism industry is growing exponentially and travelling with the family has now become the trend of the professionals. 

When you are planning for a tour with your family, friends, or co-workers, it is essential that you must travel considering your budget. Traveling with your family gives you a joyful experience rather than as a solo. 

Let us take a closer look at the best outdoor adventure vacation destinations:


  • Acadia National Park:


Acadia National Park is situated in New England. It offers various glorious views, and it is the only national park in the entire New England. 

September is the best month to visit Acadia. In July and August, many tourists visit Acadia. So, avoid these two months if you don’t like crowded places.

If you have a busy schedule in September, then consider visiting in the winter. 

Acadia is an ideal outdoor adventure vacation destination that you can visit with your partner, kids, friends, or family. 

What about the entry fees?

The entry fees for visiting the Acadia are low, and they are in between $12 to $25. 

Acadia Night Sky Festival is the most stunning event which is held by the government to prevent light pollution. You can enjoy the stellar night of the Acadia at this festival which is celebrated in September. 

Acadia is the perfect destination that every frugal traveller must visit. It is a DIY park where people mostly enjoy riding on a bike and experiencing the natural beauty of the place. If you can’t bring a bike, then you can rent one at the Bar Harbor Shop. 


  • Lake Tahoe:


Lake Tahoe is a world-class place for outdoor tours. Hundreds of tourists come to the lake Tahoe along with their family, children to explore its natural beauty. 

In Lake Tahoe, you will see sandy beaches and an incredible underwater environment. 

The parks around the Lake Tahoe may charge you a small $2 to $20 entry fee. 

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As it is a high-altitude destination, the temperature during the summer is quite hot while in the winter you will experience snowfall. 

The early June and late September are the best time intervals for visiting this glorious place. Lake Tahoe looks beautiful in the summer season. The atmosphere in the summer is very healthy and energetic around Lake Tahoe. 

Boating is the best activity in this area. Many people generally visit Lake Tahoe to celebrate Lake Tahoe Music Festival.

This area is 3 hours away from San Francisco and 1 hour away from Nevada. So, you can ride to this area via your car without any hassle. 

If you are travelling with your pet and want to book a ticket with Air Canada, then take a look at the Air Canada pet policy before purchasing them. 

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  • Zion National Park:


Zion National Park is situated in Utah, United States. It is packed with valleys, canyons and remarkable wildlife. Don’t forget to bring a camera while exploring the wildlife in Zion. 

Around Zion National Park, there are four airports. Those four airports are St. George Regional Airport, Salt Lake City International Airport, Cedar City Regional Airport and McCarren International Airport. 

Zion national park remains open throughout the year, so you can book a ticket to the park whenever you are free. Inside the park, tourists get a book, brochures that have information about the park. 

Visiting Zion during summer can be harmful to you and your family as the day temperature usually reaches 100 degrees. 

Inside this park, you also get an opportunity to visit a museum where a 22-minute video is played every hour, which gives visitors a brief overview of the entire Zion park. 

In the Zion National park, you can do activities like climbing, Canyoneering, backpacking, etc. For bicycling and camping, Zion is the perfect outdoor destination for every savvy traveller. 

If you are hungry after exploring the park, then visit Oscar’s café and Hoodoos where you can taste a lot of delicious food items. 

If you are planning a family-friendly event, then make sure to book your ticket to Zion Canyon Music Festival. 

It is an awesome event and can be enjoyed with your entire family. 


  • Keystone:


The next budget outdoor destination in our list is Keystone. It is in Colorado, and you can fly from any part of the USA within a few hours.

The destinations in Colorado are rarely affordable, and Keystone is one of those rarely affordable destinations in Colorado. 

You can do a lot of things in the Keystone during the summer, but in the winter, you may have to face environmental challenges. So, always plan to visit the Keystone in the Summer season. 

Is there any entry fee to visit the Keystone?

No, Keystone is free for everyone. You don’t have to invest a single buck as an entry fee while visiting Keystone. 

You may be wondering what to do inside the Keystone?

Well, inside the Keystone there is 100 miles of track which is only for biking. You only require a day pass to enjoy the biking on this track. 

In the mid-July of every year, Wine & Jazz Festival is celebrated in the Keystone which nothing but a notable festival that everyone must witness. 

In short, your tour to the Keystone is going to be magical and an unforgettable. 



  • Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks:


Kings Canyon and Sequoia are two adjacent parks which attract thousands of tourists per year. 

Sequoia is known for containing the world’s most massive trees while inside the Kings Canyon, you will get one of the world’s most massive trees.

Image source: myyosemitepark

The atmosphere around the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks is quiet and pleasant throughout the area. 

So, selecting a proper season to visit this area is not a great deal. You can book a ticket to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks at any time as per your mood. 

Enjoy the thriller experience of the rock climbing in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Mineral King area is suitable for the alpine experience. 

Do your kids love science and natural ecosystems? If yes, then, take them to the Giant Forest Museum. Also, try to take some selfies with General Grant and Sherman. 


Final Words

So, these are the five best adventure vacation destinations that you can visit with your family and especially with your kids. 

Nowadays, it’s difficult to spend a vacation with family as the cost of travel has increased significantly, so you need to find places which are affordable and less expensive. 

We know that it is not possible for everyone to visit all of them but you can try to visit at least two of these places. 


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