Citiscape: A Better Way to Build

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The Citiscape App Provides Real Time Info to Streamline the Construction Process

It seems that everywhere you go in NYC, there’s a new building project underway. The Big Apple has always been a city in developmental transition. In fact, to the casual observer, the prevalence of new construction may suggest that building in New York must be relatively easy. But, as anyone in local real estate development would confess; nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, construction projects in NYC are typically a multi-level labyrinth of permits, primary contractors, sub-contractors, building codes, etc. requiring communication between multiple parties often riddled with complexities that can slow down even the most ambitious and well-planned project. It can be quite a headache.

Relief is now available in an app. The Citiscape App, which is now available on iOS after a three month beta test, streamlines the construction process by providing real-time information, removing road blocks and obstacles that not only waste time, but cost money as well.

Citicsape incorporates data from the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) and Environmental Control Board (ECB) in real time with an easily navigable user interface and alerts on sensitive matters such as permits or violations, traditionally some of the most major obstacles slowing down work projects and wasting time and money.

The app is the product of the brain trust of Citiscape CEO Alexander Lotovsky and COO Olga Khaykina, who believe it is a significant new tool for developers, contractors, architects and the average consumer, who will no longer need to wait for mission critical information to move ford in each stage of a project.

In the coming months, additional features will be added to increase the benefits of the app, and an Android version is planned for late Fall. At the moment, Citiscape is specifically for NYC use, but a version for Chicago is on the horizon followed by Los Angeles.


Jack Raplee is a Queens native with over 20 years of journalistic experience covering industries as varied as entertainment, manufacturing, engineering and consumer electronics as well as hard news. Apart from writing, he has enjoyed additional exposure in radio work, standup comedy and modeling. While his career trajectory has brought him far and wide, living in places like Nassau, Bahamas; Sungnam, Korea; and Jackson, Mississippi he always seems to end up in his native NYC. Jack is currently working on a yet-to-be-titled book providing his unique perspective on his native Queens as seen from the table of a local diner.

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