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Coco J’adore Opens a Parisian Experience

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Coco J’adore officially opened it’s Parisian Fête Restaurant in the fashion flared meatpacking district. The authenticity of a French brasserie is paired deliciously with a full bar. The cocktail menu was created by genius mixologists who developed a selection of drinks that kept the tastes refreshing, crisp and exquisite. I highly recommend The Nevsky as it tastes as though I am drinking a refreshing apple from an orchard with hints of cinnamon. I know you think the flavor sounds like fall, but since they used prosecco in the concoction it makes it refreshing for Summer and if they keep this in the fall (as they should) I recommend drizzling the rim with caramel and nutmeg and calling it “Nevsky in the Fall.”

The sights and sounds of Coco J’adore is an experience in itself.

The beautiful decor and lighting set off the glamorous scene. The interior design is luxuriously chic with a color palette that incorporates sea green, bisque, white and gold accents. The walls have fun photographs paying homage to French Designer, Coco Chanel with a fun art pop twist. 

The soundtrack playing is a curated selection of francophone music ranging from French Swing and Gypsy to Loungy Trip Hop hits. You feel like you are in a party scene starring Audrey Tautou. 

The haute cuisine includes traditional appetizers such as cheese and charcuterie, escargots and cuisses de grenouille. There are several seafood dishes such as scallops, octopus, mahi mahi, whole fish, lobster and tuna tartare to name a few. The menu has an Italian influence that if one were to place the flavor geographicallyclose your eyes and think Corsica. When you visit Coco J’adore consider making it an evening affair. The restaurant’s late-night party features performance artists selected to entertain and enchant les convives. If you’re around on a Wednesday enjoy Fête Du Rosé at 7 pm and on Sundays between 11 and 4 for their delicious brunch.

Owner and New York Restaurateur, Mario Carta, has worked in the industry for over 20 years opening local favorites; Chazal, Lea, Casimir, Chouchou and Pardon My French amongst others. Check out the Menu here.  

Coco J’adore 

1 Little West 12th Street 

New York, New York 10014


Jocelyn Wallace is a publicist, violinist and opera singer. She worked in politics for many years and has made a shift into the entertainment field. She is developing her own media personality and working hard to build her brand.

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