Donating Your Car? 5 Myths Clarified

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If you have an old car that you are no longer using, there are two ways you can get rid of it. You can sell it at a throwaway price as junk, or you can donate it to charity. Unfortunately, making this decision is not easy. There are conflicting stories about the process of giving your once beloved vehicle to charity, and you don’t want it to be torn into pieces. This article will shed some light on some of the myths concerning donating your car so you can make an informed decision;

  1. Only running cars are donated

One of the reasons people take their vehicles to the junkyard is because they think charities don’t take cars that are no running. Instead of spending money to fix an old car, they prefer just selling it at a huge loss. Some few charities don’t pick up non-functioning vehicles, but most of them do. The vehicle will be fixed and given to somebody who needs it or sold to benefit the charity at no cost on your side.

  1. Donating a car is complicated

Unlike selling, donating a vehicle to a charitable organization is incredibly easy. All you have to do is find credible places to donate a car in Milwaukee call them and fill a form about your vehicle. They will then make arrangements for the vehicle to be picked or you can drop it off and then receive a tax deduction receipt. There is no much paperwork to file or any cost on your part.

  1. Donating an old car doesn’t help the charity

If you give the car to an actual charity and not a scam, your car will help someone. If the vehicle is sold, the money will be used to provide food, shelter, clothing, and pay salaries in the organization. The car can also be used in the everyday running of the organization. In some cases, cars are donated to poor people who can’t afford to purchase their own vehicles.

  1. You won’t get fair market value for your vehicle

Perhaps the most common myth is this one and in some cases it’s true. However, you can get fair market value for your car if,

  • The charity fixes your car and sells it at a reasonable price
  • The charity uses the vehicle for their day to day running
  • If the car is donated to a needy individual after its fixed
  1. Low-income earners don’t need a car

Most people don’t know what charities do with donated vehicle. When people hear that charities donate vehicles to low-income earners, they wonder why. It’s important to know that most poor people are still unfortunate because they lack reliable transportation to look for employment or opportunities. A vehicle is not a luxury even to poor people, and it can help them do things they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

There are a lot of benefits that come with donating a car. You get rid of that old car in an environmentally friendly way, you receive a tax deduction, and you help someone in the process.


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