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Excelsior College, Careers, Personal Finance, and Your Long-Term Future

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When you were younger, people would ask you what you wanted to be “when you grow up.” Maybe you always knew the perfect answer. But, for most people, that wasn’t the case. Most of us need to find our ways forward through trial, error, and plenty of hard work. The decisions that you make at each major juncture will help determine your professional and personal future — and your financial future, too.

College and your direction

The college years are pivotal for setting yourself on the right path, explain the experts at Excelsior College. But, these same experts caution, the “college years” are not always the same years for everyone. The respected Excelsior College Nursing program sees more than just fresh faces right out of high school or junior college; there are also folks who are returning to school for a change in direction and a change in career.

Thanks to modern options including low-residency programs and online universities, it has never been easier for professionals to return to school and gain the education that they need to change or advance their careers, explain the experts at Excelsior College. If you’re not satisfied with your career, consider going back to school.

Your career and your long-term goals

Going back to school is not the only way to advance your career, of course. You should always be looking for ways to improve your skills and your resume.

Experts recommend taking on more responsibilities within your current role, particularly when doing so would expand your skill set and add to your resume. Sure, you’re not getting paid to do this stuff now — but, once you’ve done it, you can apply to higher-level positions or change directions more easily, allowing you to cash in on the extra work you’ve done and extra skills that you have acquired.

Making the most of what you make

Great degrees and a sterling track record at work will help you maximize your income, but what you do with that money is just as important as how much of that money you make. Experts agree that even high salaries and careful savings can be insufficient for a comfortable financial future and long, happy retirement. What you need to do is invest your money wisely.

That means saving in tax-advantaged retirement accounts and investing your money so that you can harness the power of compound interest and increase your net worth over time. It also means spending your money wisely — ideally, on valuable assets that will help you grow your net worth.

Take the classic example: real estate. Buying your own home is often a sound financial decision, and it allows you to use debt wisely to grow your net worth. Do your research into the lowest home loan rates and come away with a loan that you can afford to pay off. After a down payment, you’ll pay into your loan every month instead of toward rent; and, instead of wasting your money every month, you’ll be putting it toward a valuable asset that you will eventually own free and clear.Not a financial expert? That’s OK — you don’t need to be a money wiz to save and spend wisely. Just use budgeting apps and hire a financial adviser to make sure that you’re getting the most that you can out of the income that you have. In the meantime, keep improving your resume and earning that next raise. Over time, you’ll find that your long-term future grows more and more secure as retirement grows nearer and nearer.

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