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Guide to Custom Flip Flops

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It is quite difficult to find out about a footwear that has become more controversial in recent memory than the custom flip flops. You might even think that it is indeed laughable how such an innocent and simple pair of footwear can get everybody on up on their toes. Regardless, this article will try to provide readers with a general overview of custom flip-flops, how they came about, the best way to wear them, and finally, where you can buy the best custom flip flops online.

Custom Flip Flops: What are They?

Custom flip flops are a kind of footwear which has no heels and with only a strap which covers the front of the foot. And it has a thong between the toes that extends from the sole to the said strap. The name flip flop is onomatopoeic, which refers to the way that they sound make when you walk around with them

Some places such as Australia simply call custom flip flops as thongs. The flip flops are a quintessential beachwear which has been worn since back in the 1970s in the US.

Custom Flip Flops: Brief History

Flip flops are without a doubt one of the oldest forms of footwear that has been known to mankind. They are one of the most ubiquitous as well. They are like the ‘onions’ of the footwear world because they seem to be found on every continent of the world.

They are depicted as far as in ancient Egypt in the murals that date as far back as 4,000 B.C. A pair was also found in Europe which was made of leaves from a papyrus that was dated to be approximately 1,500 years old.

The English people have also been making these great shoes for a bit of a long time, however not that long.

In ancient South America the custom flip flops were made from the parts of sisal plants. And in Asia, in countries like China and Japan, the custom flip flops were being made from straws of rice. There is also evidence that the early Mexican people had used parts of the yucca plant in making custom flip flops.

Custom Flip Flops: Flip Flops in the United States

Flip flops were made popular in the US as soldiers return from the war in the Pacific during the Second World War. The Japanese custom flip-flop, called the zōri, has become a popular item for the American guys which they did not want to give up when they were returning back to the shores of America. But when custom flip flops really became popular was during the 1950’s. This was after the Korean War had ended. At that time, it was de rigueur to wear your custom flip flops in the bright colors that we are used to today.

During the 1960’s, the custom flip flop became almost synonymous with the kind of lifestyle in California which was regarded as laid-back. The early band Beach Boys were singing about custom flip flops and they slowly became a common accessory when swimming, which was sold together with goggles and bathing trunks.

A decade and a half ago in 2005, the Northwestern University women’s lacrosse team, who had just won a championship, chose to wear the custom flip flops when they went to the White House in a meeting with the president then who was George W. Bush. This incident had caused an incredible and controversial story. This resulted to the team ending up on an auction which intended to raise money for charity: the auction item being the custom flip flops.

And back in 2011, another major win for the flip flops happened when the sitting president, President Barack Obama, was seen to be wearing flip flops. The resulting coverage for the custom flip flops then made people lose their minds.

Custom Flip Flops: When to Wear Them

Before we start, know that the rules that we are going to talk about is not set in stone and can change from time to time and from situation to situation. This article’s suggestions are not designed to be seem to be the dogma however this can still be used as a guideline that is intended to assist you in your decision making.

As popular as custom flip-flops are, there are no other kinds of footwear which has earned as much scorn as them in the modern times. We have to ask ourselves how an innocent and quite comfy pair of footwear had unfairly gotten the reputation. We think that there are two main reasons for this which includes the dress down culture in the US and men naturally not wanting to look at other men’s bare feet.

Custom Flip Flops: Dress Down Culture

It is not really a new development that the Americans may have been wearing a lot more casually for the last two decades. The lot of us would normally bemoan this and embrace the idea that the comfort afforded to us has more value than looking good. It is as if the two important factors are mutually exclusive. The custom flip-flops have become scapegoat for this.

What started as a simple beachwear has made its way into the busy streets of the cities of America. During the summertime, it is quite common to walk around in the streets and past by the restaurants which has an outdoor seating. You get to see a lot of men and women which has nothing on but a thin strip of rubber of custom flip flops and leather which protects the feet from the hard subway grate. There are people who would find this kind of look way too casual will rally hard against custom flip flops.

Custom Flip Flops: Conclusion

Custom flip flops are indeed one of the most controversial forms of footwear in recent memory. The disdain that some of the hardliners have for the simple footwear can sometimes be encompassing that they will ban it altogether even when the situation calls for it.

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