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How doors can help your home look more luxurious

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A door is simultaneously the first and the last thing a visitor at your place encounters. They are your opening statement as a person and as a family. The more you invest in them, the more return you get in terms of your visitor’s attention and approval. So saving up money on doors by rendering it an unnecessary expense is certainly a wrong approach. 

So let’s look at some of the ways your doors can enhance your social image and command your visitor’s respect for your attention to detail, exclusivity, originality and above all quality which according to Angelo Bonati is how we define luxury in the modern time.

1. Give your door a personality, your personality: 

We live in the age of customization, where we tailor our belongings to reflect our personality. 

Doors are one of such objects that can act as a medium for your self-expression.

For instance, having three-over-three design internal doors from the Swinging Sixties can indicate that you culturally associate with the era. 

Hence while choosing the design for your door, try adding meaning to it. A meaning that is profoundly connected to your soul. 

Such a commitment to detail is what sets you apart from the lot. 

For the concerned purpose, you should go door shopping at a store that offers you a wide range of options to help you customize your door at your disposal.

2. Never compromise safety for style or vice versa: 

Success is the ability to devise optimal solutions to all your problems in life. It is the point where you don’t have to choose between the apples and the oranges since you can have them both in your basket. 

In the world of doors, style and safety had been one such crossroad where the buyer had to choose either of the two. 

But now you don’t need to taint your interior with those pale metallic fire doors because you care for a loved one more than fashion. Some great online door stores offer exquisitely designed  FD30 rated fire doors.   

You can choose from a wide range of oak, white primed, ash, walnut and abachi doors in different colours and patterns.

Despite such a vast collection of safe and stylish doors, making the same age-old compromise can reflect poorly on your judgment.

Don’t let that bad apple spoil the barrel for you.

3. Never miss the bandwagon:

It’s not a secret that we buy things with the consideration of receiving approval and appreciation from our surroundings. The safest way to predict what your friends, colleagues or even a new visitor would like is to see what’s trending. If something is already trending, you feel more secure and confident into buying that product. It’s the only reason our first stop is the review section before purchasing any product online or even installing an application. Moreover, staying updated with the latest trends  also projects you as a dynamic personality to your guests. To speak of doors, Timber wood is arguably the most widely used material for both internal and exterior doors. It’s because it is stronger, more environmentally friendly and with just a little effort and insight for maintenance can last longer than its alternatives like uPVC, Aluminum or composite doors. There is now a wide range of thoughtfully designed ‘made to measure solid timber woods’ on the market to perfectly suit your requirements of size and taste. 

The bottom line is that we never adopt a minimalist approach while choosing a door for your house. Because besides being an essential constituent of a home, a door is its ultimate style statement.

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