How to find the perfect shoes that work for almost any occasion?

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There is a proven psychological fact that a third person always notices your shoes first. In simple words, your shoes make the first impression to anyone, without your knowledge. So, one should always wear nice shoes. It does not mean that your shoe rack must consist of all kinds of fancy shoes. If you are a minimalist, or are on a money-saving mode, or do not wish to clog your shoe rack with dozens of shoes, then find perfect shoes that suit any occasion.

It may sound easy-breezy to head for shoe shopping. But it is not that simple as it seems to be. The shoe industry is flooded with a wide variety of shoes that suit each kind of occasion and season. Your shoe-shopping task becomes daunting enough. Following are the best tips for finding the perfect shoes to match any occasion without any hassle.

Know “your” why

Yes, your ‘why’ is important before you go for a shopping trip. Where do you wear shoes most often? In formal, business settings, on the training ground, to impress a date, or simply for a party. Once you clarify the purpose of your future shoes, the shoe-shopping task is set in motion.

In addition to the purpose, you should also set your budget beforehand. You can find all types of shoes at reasonable as well as exorbitant prices at shoe shops in Perth. So, once your budget is pre-decided, you do not have to check price tags on each shoe or assess your bank balance. Just communicate your needs and budget to the shopkeeper, and he will help you in your shopping venture.

What do you choose – the comfort or the functionality?

If you suffer from back pain or have a blister-issue, or you would like to enhance your posture, then choose comfort. Orthopedic shoes are available in the market that serves the said purpose. If you feel orthopedic shoes are out of fashion and boring, then you can catch for stylish ones too. You will be amazed at how these mens shoes in Brisbane have a perfect blend of comfort-cum-style in them.

We would highly suggest you to stop wearing ill-fitted shoes, in case you have concerns or not. Shoes that are too right can lead to ingrown toenails and can cause severe foot pain. It becomes difficult to walk around in such shoes. So, comfort is a primary aspect to be taken care.

What’s the occasion – Formal or Casual?

Obviously, you need to have shoes that are meant for two different occasions, formal and casual. Chose the simplest design, color, and pattern when you pick up formal shoes. Remember, it will serve your best impression. While choosing casual shoes, try to consider comfort as well. Often, men tend to neglect comfort while choosing casual shoes.

The perfect fitness shoes

In this age, fitness has become more of a trend. Then why not flaunt with the best fitness shoes available. But there is a catch here. All fitness shoes are not the same. Men make a mistake while picking up a pair of fitness shoes. Understand where you would be wearing a particular pair of shoes. Are you heading for a run or an early morning jog? Do you need specific shoes while playing tennis? Or you love hiking or trekking as a form of exercise? Understand that there are separate shoes for each occasion. Always choose a pair of comfortable fitness shoes created for a specific purpose.

Always have a trial before wearing a new pair of shoes on the big day. It will help in avoiding discomfort and blisters. You do not wish to appear chaotic or irritated just because of your new shoes. Learn to maintain your shoes so that they serve in the long run.

So, if you are planning to buy shoes, then keep these points in mind to save time and money. We are grateful to the shoe industry for offering us a treasure house of attractive yet comfortable shoes for all types of occasions without our budget. Your purchase needs to be worth the price and effort!



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