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How to Make a Podcast on Your Phone

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Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way of keeping up with news and trends. In fact, over 67 million people listen to their favorite podcast shows on a monthly basis, and the average podcast listener tunes in between one to three hours. With listeners tuning in for an average of five hours on a weekly basis, there’s no better time than now to start recording your own podcast.

Starting your own podcast is easy, and podcast recording is possible for anyone with a smartphone. If you’re interested in making a podcast using only your iPhone, follow these tips to get started.

Invest in an external microphone

For those interested in creating a quality podcast, investing in an external microphone is essential. An external microphone can significantly increase your sound quality, which can help you grow more popular as a podcast blogger. Since most external microphones are small and can easily fit in a pocket or a purse, you’ll be able to take them on-the-go.

Another option to increase sound quality is lavalier microphones. Lavalier microphones can clip onto your shirt, allowing you to voice your podcast hands-free.

Fix your phone

Whether you plan to record podcasts full-time or start as a new hobby, fixing your phone is essential. You won’t be able to post regularly or establish a loyal listener base if your phone constantly needs repairs. Therefore, before you start making podcasts, buy a reliable charger for your phone and fix your phone screen with an iPhone 6s screen replacement

Luckily, companies like SquareTrade Go operate in all major cities and offer on-demand repair services for iPhones. In addition, SquareTrade can fix phones within an hour and provides a lifetime warranty for all customers. Taking the time to repair your phone will ensure that you’re able to publish consistent content and contribute to your success as a podcast blogger.

Download a podcast app

There are a multitude of podcasting apps, and deciding which is best for you comes down to personal preference. Podbean, a podcast hosting service, allows users to simply record, edit, and publish podcasts using an iPhone. Podbean also stores audio files, making it easier for users to comprehensively edit their podcasts.

Spreaker, another podcasting app, offers a variety of features. Like Podbean, Spreaker allows users to record, edit, and publish podcasts using an iPhone. However, Spreaker also allows users to go live while recording, and features tools for checking stats.

Anchor, a popular podcasting app, is user-friendly and allows users to seamlessly switch between their phone, desktop, or tablet. Using Anchor, you can incorporate audio into your podcast by recording a voice message, inviting friends to record audio, or adding your favorite song. Anchor also enables users to choose between publishing immediately, saving audio drafts, or scheduling podcasts to be posted on a later date.

Find some inspiration

Now that you’re prepared to record your first podcast, it’s time to search for inspiration. You’ll need to choose a topic to focus on during each episode of your podcast, so try making a list of things you’re passionate about. If you’re not sure what to make an episode on, take the time to brainstorm some ideas. Listening to your favorite show or podcast interview can help give you some inspiration to start off.

Once the inspiration starts flowing, aim to plan out around 10 episodes. Brainstorming ideas for episodes in advance will help you follow a plan when it’s time to sit down and start recording. In addition to your favorite podcast shows, try searching for popular podcasts on iTunes for more ideas.

All in all, making your own podcast is a simple process. Using apps available on your iPhone and following these tips will contribute to your success and popularity as a podcast blogger.

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