How To Realize Your Brilliance Hidden Underneath

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When we have a problem, let us say alcoholism, it is profoundly easy to disregard ourselves in every single way. We might think ‘well, if I was worth anything I wouldn’t have fallen victim to this problem.’ The same issue can be felt in drug addicts, who often feel that multiple relapses are part of their often flawed character, almost as if they would have done this no matter if the drugs were around or not.

However, no matter if you have a problem like this or not, it is also very easy to allow negative situations in life such as this to paint you into a corner. Not only does this feel terrible, but it can let the problem grow exponentially. For example, if being mistreated by someone we considered a friend, we might blame ourselves for being a nuisance in the first place.

Realizing your hidden brilliance underneath can allow you to burn off this deadwood surrounding your personality, however. And, learning that can be one of the most powerful things you do for yourself, at least in recent memory. Let us help you get there, and potentially develop more confident measures of self-care. You deserve it.

Never Assume You Are Beyond Help

You are not defeated when you fail, but you are defeated when you give up. On top of this, you are also defeated when you assume you can never win, no matter how many people help you. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘you can’t help someone who will not help themselves?’ This is one of the saddest yet truest phrases that family after family have had to internalize when trying to help a relative out of the clutches of drug addiction, or something similar. The change can start with you. Never assume you are beyond help, because it is strikingly hypocritical. If you think you are beyond help, you assume you are fundamentally broken and your judgement will never be restored. Well, if your judgement can never be restored, what makes you so certain of the fact you can’t heal? Surely that would be a possibility? Perhaps an addiction treatment center or accepting you have a problem can be the first drip of a waterfall that comes to heal you. Thinking this way can sometimes save lives.

Give Yourself More Credit

Even those who have made bad decision after bad decision are quite easily able to dismiss themselves, and then fall into that negative persona without care. It’s important to give yourself more credit. You likely have at least something about you worth protecting, even by your own faulty standards. You might know that you genuinely care about others, or that making people laugh is one of your favorite things. You have also survived every single one of your worst days so far. This also contributes to your:

Hidden Strength

Imagine the old agoraphobic woman who hasn’t left her home in ten years. She feels ashamed of this. But then, she gets help. Bit by bit she manages to place a foot out of the door. Then, a few steps. Then, with the help of a therapist, perhaps she can go shopping for the first time. Is that version of her heading shopping a new person? No, it’s her. It was always a potential within her. She just hadn’t uncovered it. You also have many buried treasures within your personality. You just have to work for them.

With this advice, we hope you can feel motivated to live as your best self.

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