Interested in Nobility Titles? Make Sure They’re Genuine.

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Titles like Lord or Lady, Prince or Baron might often evoke feelings of them and us, but for anyone with the financial means, it’s always been possible to join the ranks of the titled elite and acquire a Noble Title, and the practice has become increasingly popular in recent times.

There can be numerous reasons why a particular title might be available to buy, and when you consider the variety of titles that have been created across Europe over the ages, there’s almost no end to the number of opportunities individuals have for acquiring their very own title – the challenge is making sure the title is genuine.

With the passage of time obscuring details of the different titles, such as where and when they were granted and who owns them, and the increase in the number of sites supposedly offering ‘genuine’ Lordships that are not usually worth the paper they’re written on, it’s not always easy to find genuine Nobility Titles for sale

To make sure any investment you make in your ideal title is worth it, whatever the process for acquiring it, you need to ensure it’s researched thoroughly and transferred properly.


Make sure the organisation you’re working with to acquire your title is an expert in the field – one that has access to the significant resources and information that will be required to categorically confirm the availability of a particular title. 

This isn’t the kind of research that can simply be done over the Internet, with many European Noble Titles going back hundreds of years, document archives, history books and genealogical papers will need to be studied to ensure the title you are interested is genuine, and also that it’s available. 

Any company you are working with should be able to present all of this information to you so you’re confident in your decision to purchase a particular title.


Once you decide to acquire your title, you want to ensure the legal process is managed by solicitors and lawyers familiar with the cross-country nobility laws throughout Europe that deal with the transfer of these titles. 

These experts will ensure that your title is transferred properly so you are able to use it in whichever way you see fit, and that you have all the appropriate legal documents to show that you are entitled to your new title.  

Then you can go about changing your name on any of the official documents you want to reflect your new titled status – credit cards, bank accounts, you might even decide to use it to further your business enterprise, or look at commissioning a recreation of the associated Coat of Arms for your title. All of which can be done safe in the knowledge that your title is genuine when you work with the right professionals.

Due Diligence 

If you’re interested in acquiring a genuine Noble Title, choosing the right organisation to work with is important. Make sure you understand how they operate, what they will do to source and acquire your title, and what experience they have in this industry.

Genuine Noble Titles are not cheap, often costing 4, 5 or even 6-figures, so if you are offered a ‘genuine’ title for any less, this should certainly ring some alarm bells. With this type of investment involved you want to make sure you are working with an organisation that can deliver what you’re expecting. That’s why the real research begins when you start to look at choosing an organisation to help you acquire your title. Spending the time here on the necessary due diligence will reduce the risk of any surprises down the line, and mean that you secure the genuine Noble Title you wanted.

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