Loosen Your Grip! Ways You Are Stifling Your Business

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We feel that our business is our baby. It’s something we have to protect with all our might, and while we are coming from the perspective that it’s for the benefit of everyone, we can have too much of a grip on our business. As a result, we can end up stifling it. You need to loosen your grip, especially if you suffer from any of the following traits…

Ignoring ideas

“It’s my way or the highway!” You think that you’ve got all the information you need, especially with regards to conversions, sales, and web traffic. And you listening to your workers is a complete waste of time, because after all, you know what’s best, right? No. You’ve got to improve your listening skills. The fact of the matter is that if you have the figures in front of you, this only provides one aspect of the final product. For example, the business could be sufficiently protected, and the IT department is doing everything they can to up-skill themselves, but you can only see what’s on this piece of paper. You can’t see they are struggling to make ends meet, and they’re not able to improve their work because they’re such a small team. The solution in this respect will be to hire an IT services company to share the burden. As the boss, we can suffer from that sense of egotism, because we know what is best. We don’t always.

You waste time

You might think you’ve implemented so many different processes that productivity is sky-high. But if you are stuck for things to do, and you feel you need to assert your authority in some way, you might do things that are a complete waste of time for everyone else, except yourself. For example, holding meetings. Calling everybody in for a meeting is one of the most comprehensive wastes of time. You call a meeting, and your workers have to get up, mid-flow, and struggle to get back to what they were doing after the meeting. Meetings should only be held when they are essential. So many things can be done with a simple email or phone call, that this should minimize waste of time. As well as this, meetings the don’t go anywhere are incredibly common. Get an agenda set up. And ask yourself, why do I want to set up this meeting?

You think you are in charge

No, you are not. In this age of holistic business practices, there is still some of the old guard that feels hierarchy is the most important thing. “I’m in charge, and you are not.” Once we begin to feel that we are the boss, that we only do specific tasks that’s expected on someone in that role, it filters down through the ranks. Soon, everybody begins to feel like they’re in charge of the people beneath them. This is no way to inspire workers, and for those people that feel that to get heard, they have to work for the promotion, and this becomes a dog eat dog environment.

Loosen your grip; it could be the best thing you will ever do for your business.

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