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For starters, we’ll all agree that building and maintain a relationship has become much harder in the 21st century. I mean, “Time” has become a myth, now you have it, now you don’t. In any case, let’s not take up more of this time.  So in a nutshell, we’ll say building personal relationships take time and tireless effort, and with that said, we’d say, it’s no different for businesses, they aren’t the exception. Building brand and customer relationships take time, but once their perfected, you can take that to the bank!

Yes, get excited; why don’t you? Yet, first, you’d have to move away from current SEO trends that seem to lean toward focusing more on technical aspects of SEO without even considering link building altogether. Ultimately it’s not about the number of links you have; it’s about their quality. So, you’ll need to construct a strategy around building quality links and therefore take advantage of that financial gap. You see, modern-day link building is not a numbers game, it instead speaks to the relationships you foster.

Pay attention:

1# Bring the Controversy

Yep! Controversy somehow gets all the attention, and attention grows your links. Hence brands that understand their audience would usually publicly take controversial stands, and by so doing reinforce brand relevance to its target customers. So, the key tactic here is to understand what your target audience finds valuable.

Get creative and work your controversial stand into your campaigns, and in this way, your audience is always clear regarding what you stand for. Subsequently, ensure your stand is known by all the major players in your industry we mean, customers, competitors and the likes. This list shouldn’t be similar to your other lists, because you’ll want to find influencers that are especially interested in the stand you take.

2# Craft Link-Worthy Content Campaigns

Remember, sites only link to items they regard as useful for their audience. Trust us; this tactic is viable – How? Well at least try to brainstorm three to four high-quality content pieces, craft something you think influencers in your industry will also like.  You can also look at what your competitors are doing differently. Still, want to know how? Create digitalcontent that exudes trust, authority, and expertise.

The content you create should be resourceful for both end-users and influencers alike. Moreover, once that’s done put together a plan which will help get your content noticed by gatekeepers who could potentially reward you with a link. Define your clear target. Why? Because concentrating on your most important contacts allows you to spend the time needed, to successfully obtain the highest quality links.

3# Trade Publications

In simple terms, we mean, should your business have a decent product which sets it apart then, you should have articles in trade magazines. Thereafter your articles will frequently appear in the online versions of the chosen trade publications, and that should give you a highly relevant, quality link. Meaning you should explore all the different trade publication in your niche to find the perfect ones for you.

This is where networking then comes in; you’ll have to follow the publication writers on social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or wherever they are. The idea is to interact with the said writers. By providing them with feedback on their stories.  As well as information that doesn’t fundamentally have anything to do with your company. This will ensure that your pitches are taken seriously, you can thank us later for that tactic. 

4# Customers, Vendors & Friends

We said it in the beginning, link building is primarily about relationships. It’s merely one of the easiest ways for a business to gain quality links and therefore leverage its relationships.

However, remember, relevance wins the day. Yes, high-quality links are always desirable and can, still provide significant value even with a small degree of relevancy. So make sure to create a comprehensive list and don’t skimp. Thereafter, take your top prospects from the list and arrange to meet, or use their preferred method or channel of communication.  

Tip of The Day: Never forget to ask for the link.


There are literally thousands of ways to creatively obtain high-quality, relevant links. However, we’ve learned that it doesn’t necessarily take thousands of links to be successful – it merely takes a few of the relevant and right ones.


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