Packing in Some Fun into the Last Month of Summer!

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Summer doesn’t end officially until 23rd September, meaning we still have plenty of time to pack in some fun before the leaves fall from the trees. It’s tempting to feel like after June and July have passed that that’s pretty much it, but it’s not the case and the weather will still be good for a while yet! If you’re wanting to eke out the last few weeks of the summer making sure it’s one to remember, here are three ideas. 

Go to a festival

Festivals all over the world run across the summer, and with a month still left of the warmest weather it’s the perfect opportunity to get something booked up. It could be a film festival, food festivals or music festival, do some research and find out what’s being held in the next few weeks. It’s a great chance to spend time with friends and make memories, and generally squeeze out the last few drops of summer. The only thing to be aware of when it comes to festivals is watch out for your safety, any hearing aid specialists will tell you how standing too close to speakers can cause damage, not to mention many people can go overboard on alcohol. Don’t let fear of things going wrong put you off, but do be aware at places like festivals- keep an eye on your friends and consider safety.

Go camping

Camping is a fantastic summer activity- it’s cheap, accessible and something all ages can enjoy. You could go with the family, enjoying fishing, hiking and boating. Or you could go with friends, set up a tent and enjoy some food and drinks while chatting around a campfire. You could head to a local campsite, or you could go on a roadtrip first to find somewhere else. If you wanted to make a few days of it, hire an RV or a campervan and figure out a route. You could even take your dog!

Go on a last minute getaway

Vacations at this time of year are always expensive, however, as the season winds to a close, there are often good deals to be had. Not to mention you can sometimes find fantastic last minute deals, especially if you’re flexible about where you go. The last thing you want is to look back on this summer and feel that you don’t travel enough, so be open minded. Destinations you might not have ever considered can end up being the best, so go where you can afford and make the most of it!

How will you be spending the last few weeks of summer until fall rolls back around?


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