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The SMART Way To Eliminate The Tasks Your Team Shouldn’t Be Doing

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The productivity and time efficiency of your team literally dictate your success. The more that each employee can do, the more profits you stand to see. Despite that, it’s astounding how many managers are guilty of wasting employee time. In fact, nearly every office worker has to complete tasks outside of their job remits. This can lead to lost productivity like little else, and it’s something you should address. To take care of this, though, you first need to realize where you’re wasting time right now.

One of the best ways to do this is to ask employees how they feel their time could be better managed. You may also want to take a closer look at your task delegations. While doing this, return to job descriptions and pick out any red flag tasks. Then, set about removing them from employee workload. Typically, time-wasting tasks tend to be the same from workplace to workplace. That’s why we’ve got some pointers to help you overcome the worst offenders.

Outsource excess services

As a modern business manager, you’ll already know about outsourcing. This is big news right now, with 68% of consumer business outsourcing somehow. And, it’s a bandwagon which any smart manager should jump on. Simply take the time to identify excess services like IT repairs and accounting. Instead of adding them to someone’s already full workload, look outside. Not only does outsourcing free up your team, but it also allows you to enjoy increased expertise. That means you can make time and still improve services. What’s not to love?

Guarantee payments on time

Chasing payments has to be one of the worst time-wasting tasks. It doesn’t fall under anyone’s remit, yet it’ll be a common problem if you don’t take care. What’s more, this can take an untold amount of employee time if it does become an issue. Make sure that doesn’t happen by perfecting your payment processes. For one, ensure your invoices never get lost in the pile. The best way to do this would be to use an invoice generator which allows you to include your logo and branding. All the better for making sure your invoices stand out every time. Be sure, too, to include precise payment dates and simple account instructions. As simple as that, you can enjoy payments on time, so your team can get on with more important things.

Produce proper product descriptions

Lastly, make sure your team doesn’t have to waste time explaining your products. While product knowledge is vital, customer interactions should be about converting sales. Having to explain the product ins and outs is time-consuming and unnecessary. Clear colleague schedules by perfecting your product descriptions in the first place. If your e-store write-ups or product labels do the job, your team members won’t have to. Instead, they’ll be able to talk with people who already understand what you offer. That can leave them free to dedicate themselves to the task of selling. And, that could lead to increased profits all around. 

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