The Top 10 Best Tips Of Advice For Hosting A Party

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When hosting a party, you want it to be a success. The atmosphere should be great and your guests should have a good time.

However, these goals don’t come easy. You need to prepare, invite dynamic people and be a great host.

Here are 10 tips to help you to host that great party.

  1. Decide on the type of party

What type of party you want to host? Is it big or small, themed or general? Knowing the details of the type of party will help you to plan and make decisions. You will know what to prepare, what you will buy and who to invite.

  1. Invite guests

Send invitations depending on the type of party you want to host. If it is a small party with close conversation, you can invite about 10 people. A big party means you need to invite more people.

To help you with planning for the food and drinks ask for an RSVP.

  1. Include the dress code

State the dress code in the invitation. Is it an all-white, formal or casual party? Even if you don’t expressly state the dress code, describing the party can help your guests know what to wear.

  1. Have enough food

RSVPs can help you to plan for enough food to last the entire party. Make extra 2 or 3 plates to avoid running out of food.

  1. Have an assortment of drinks

If your party will have different age groups, have a variety of drinks. Have various types of alcohol such as wine and beer, champagne, spirits, juices, and sodas.

  1. Be on time

You don’t want your guests to find you cleaning or in your apron. Assess the time you need to prepare and add an extra hour or two to give you time to deal with emergencies. The food might burn; oil spill or you need time to get dressed.

  1. Welcome the guests

Greet the guests to welcome them as they arrive. Direct them to the party room. Show the new guests around such as to the bathroom, where to find food and drinks.

Make a point to talk to every guest even if it is at a later point when things have slowed down.

  1. Add a splash of creativity

A party should not be just about the meeting, eating food, conversing and drinking. You can add a bit of creativity. Why not include a party bus into the plan? You can all meet at your house, eat food and then go somewhere else such as the club using the party bus. Do you know you can take drinks as you ride along?

  1. Keep the fire burning

Some guests may tend to withdraw, others may be more talkative and some conversations may dwindle. It is your duty to make sure the party remains lively. Introduce people to others to change conversations and engage the shy ones through activities and conversations.

  1. Include activities to lighten the mood

The party may be a bit dull at the start. To enliven things up, include games and activities. You can have board games, drinking games, dartboard and Apples to Apples, all depending on the party and your guests.


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