What Qualities to Look for in a Mattress

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Mattress selection and choice has dramatically improved from years gone by. Better mattress technology and stronger construction make shopping for your best mattress fit much easier. It is now also possible to fit that mattress more precisely to personal preferences or specific needs.

Mattress technology now accommodates beds that rise to a sitting position, that elevate the feet and legs and that oblige practically any other special sleep comfort need.

When shopping for your ideal mattress fit, ues the following standards. They will pretty much let you know the difference between a quality mattress and a mattress you may be better off without.

Construction Quality

Some configuration and combination of coils and springs generally make up conventional mattress construction designs. Springs are used to make up the individual coils. The coils create the sleeping surface under the mattress cover.

Different spring strengths used to make up the coils make up the different firmness levels of the mattress. Heavier strength springs make stiffer coils, and these stiffer coils account for increased mattress firmness.

Generally speaking, the firmer mattresses tend to last longer, all other wear factors being equal, since the springs that make up the coils are stronger and retain tensile strength longer through use.

Personal Fit

Mattresses can now satisfy many more personal requirements than they could in the past. Now mattresses are bought according to the body weight of the person buying the mattress. Heavier people need and want a firmer mattress to better support their weight.

Total mattress height is another consideration for shorter or taller sleepers. Many mattresses and their foundations are taller than older mattress combinations used to be. Selecting the correct height is important for getting in and out of bed easily.

Overall Comfort Level

Mattress softness is another standard new mattress shoppers look at. Advances in padding to cover the mattress coil setup account for much improved comfort levels.

Whether the coil configuration is open coil or pocketed coil, generally determines the thickness of the padding needed to achieve the desired softness and comfort level.

The padding inside the mattress and on top of the coil sleeping surface creates one layer of softness. Fitted mattress pads that go on top of the mattress are available to adjust comfort levels even further. Today’s mattresses have an unsurpassed level of comfort when compared to mattresses even as late as ten years ago.


Due to this much improved construction and comfort level, mattresses also have an overall longer length of service. These newer mattresses generally have eight to ten year warranties. Many of them give additional years of comfortable sleep beyond ten years.

The Mattress That Has It All

According to NASA, memory foam was discovered and developed by Charles Yost in 1966. He discovered it when he was trying to develop a material to improve cushioning properties for the NASA mission flights during take-offs and landings.

Its biggest comfort factor is that it conforms to the shape of the sleeper. This conforming property helps relieve the pressure created when bones and joints come into contact with the mattress.

0It has the effect of spreading the compacted area of the mattress thereby softening the impact. This gives additional comfort as the direct pressure is lessened. This dramatically decreased pressure creates a far superior sleeping comfort level.

This mattress also offers better overall body support, and this increased support helps eliminate morning stiffness and soreness from awkward sleeping positions. It also gives what owners refer to as a motionless mattress.

A memory foam mattress is also more likely to retain its shape over time. Since there are no springs in this mattress, users don’t get the sag effect of worn springs.

Another advantage of is that these mattresses attract far fewer dust mites. The density of the foam material from which they are constructed is not conducive for dust mite habitat.


If you are mattress shopping, it will pay you to take a close look at this amazing technology. Most who take the time to do so, come away as a new mattress owner. 

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