What’s the difference between these three gold bracelets?

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Today, we will talk about three gold bracelets, the open bracelet, the closed bracelet and the push-pull bracelet, which one is better ? These three styles are commonly worn in daily life, so we are putting them together for comparative study.
Open gold bracelet
The open bracelet is a style that many girls like, because it looks good and exquisite. It is also very convenient to wear. However, because it has a section of opening, it is relatively easy to deform, and easy to scrape things and fall off, in terms of safety.
I once heard the personal experience of a friend, although it may be a bit exaggerated, but it really happened. She also brought such an open bracelet, and in addition to wearing such a bracelet, she also wore a string of colored ropes, in short, a lot of things were worn on one hand. Then, because the bracelet is open personalized photo pendant necklace, the color rope goes in. She went to see the flowers and drag the branches of the tree to take a photo, then all her jewelry were hook up by the branches.
Closed gold bracelet
The closed gold bracelet is completely closed. Such a bracelet is not easy to loosen and fall on the hand. Its safety factor is much better than that of the open bracelet. Moreover, because it is completely closed, there is no excessive welding interface. It is not easy to break with less welding interfaces. However, it also has the disadvantage that it cannot be stretched and adjusted, so it is generally choose the size that suits yourself and buy. Here is another case that you can’t adjust the size. It is possible that many beautiful girls buy such a closed bracelet when wearing it just right in size. But after a while, they accidentally found themselves put on a few pounds! The hand got fat so the original bracelet could not be worn cheap personalized jewelry. Of course, there is another case on the opposite situation, that is, the girl suddenly lost weight, and resulted in the bracelet can not be worn, because the bracelet will fall (of course, this situation is very rare now). When these two situations really happen, there is no way to do with this closed bracelet, either we don’t wear it, or we have to adjust our weight. If the closed bracelet is damaged, it cannot be repaired.
Push-pull gold bracelet
The push-pull bracelet style can also be subdivided. Common types include buckle type, telescopic type, screw buckle type, and s buckle type, etc. Many small bracelets for the baby are telescopic type. These push-pull gold bracelets can be said to have a unified advantage, that is, they can be adjusted in size and easy to wear.
However, in terms of safety, it is as easy to fall as the opening one! In my personal experience, the push-pull bracelet is easier to fall than the opening. Many of the bracelets worn by the little baby around have basically fallen, and they are fell off without knowing it. Lost such a bracelet are very distressed and painful.
In addition, the buckle position of the buckle style gold bracelet is usually not pure gold, and there will be loss in weight when recycling. Moreover, in many cases, the broken position of push-pull bracelet is at the push-pull mouth, some can be repaired, and some can’t be repaired. This is also a disadvantage.
In general, these three kinds of bracelets have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you put it together, the closed gold bracelet is the best. It not only safe, but also has many styles to choose.
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