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Who Do You Need To Hire When Buying A Home?

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Buying a home is no easy process. Hiring the help of a few professionals could help to reduce the stress and, in some cases, save you money. Here are just a few of the people you need to hire when buying a home.

Mortgage brokers

When shopping around for the right mortgage, it can sometimes be worth hiring a mortgage broker agency such as JLM Mortgages. These professionals can help you to find the best deal on the market. Some brokers may even have access to exclusive deals that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.  On top of saving you money, mortgage brokers can offer general advice on mortgages – although you may be able to find an advisor that can offer free advice.

If you are struggling to get a high street mortgage you may need the service of a specialist mortgage broker, Get Me My Mortgage work with a network of specialist mortgage brokers for clients with less than standard circumstances.


You should also always hire a surveyor before buying a property. A surveyor checks that there is no damage to the property that could result in expensive future repair costs. Consequently, they can save you money by potentially preventing you buying a property with lots of future issues. Rates of surveyors vary depending on the size of the house and the level of surveying that you require.


Buying a house also requires a lot of legal paperwork. This will need to be carried out by a solicitor firm such as Tully Rinckey. Hiring professionals for this job is important as any mistakes could potentially affect your legal ownership of the property. Legal fees tend to be a few hundred dollars at least, so make sure you’ve left some funds aside for this.

Real estate agents

Many homebuyers use realtors to help find the perfect property. Generally speaking, you do not have to pay for their service – it is the seller that usually pays for their service (although there are some sneaky agents that throw in hidden costs for the buyer). There are specialist real estate agents out there that may focus on certain types of property if this is what you are after. There are also online real estate agents, which can be worth using. You don’t have to use an agent and you may find private sellers online that you can deal directly with.

A moving company

Once you’ve finally bought your new home, you’ll need to move in your stuff. This is something you may be able to do yourself for cheap with the help of a few friends. Alternatively, you can hire a moving company to help you move all your possessions in. Whilst a moving company is more expensive, it can save you the hassle of moving all your stuff yourself and it can get the job done faster. 

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