5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health Today

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If you want to put more of a focus on your health and make sure you feel and function as well as you possibly can, this quick guide will give you 5 suggestions. Read on and you could improve your health in no time:

Drink More Water
Drink a pint of water as soon as you get up and you’ll give yourself a good start to the day. Aim for 2-3 litres, more if you’re exercising. Carry a big bottle with you so you don’t forget to drink!

Be Consistent With Your Sleep
Consistency with your sleep is crucial. Knowing how many hours you need a night is one thing, but actually hitting those numbers every night, even on weekends, can be tough. You need to commit to getting high quality sleep. Once you do this, you should find that you feel and perform better every day.

Find Exercise You Like To Do
Exercise is important, but you’ll only stick to it if you like it. Test out a few different classes, and maybe a few plans until you find something you like and actually want to stick to.

Eat Balanced Meals
Eating balanced meals means healthy protein, fats, and carbs in most meals. It also means making sure you’re getting enough fibre, and if you fancy something considered ‘not healthy’ you allow yourself to have it. You shouldn’t deprive yourself, as this indicates an unbalanced mindset.

Get Help If You Need It
There’s no shame in getting help with your health if you need it. See a doctor and discuss any issues you are having, and they could refer you to a place that can help you. The infographic below may help to bust some myths you weren’t aware of.

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